Apple Vision Pro: it takes half an hour to understand how it works

Apple vision pro

Apple Vision Pro is about to arrive and the Cupertino company is preparing a half-hour demonstration in stores for interested customers

Apple prepares the launch of the new  Apple Vision Pro . The headset, unveiled last June, will be available starting February 2nd in the USA but pre-orders will start on January 19th.

The Cupertino company will directly deal with distribution: Apple Vision Pro will be purchasable through the company’s online store or at one of the Apple Stores scattered throughout the United States.

Predictions regarding the success of the headset are by no means certain and Apple is already instructing its employees who will be called upon to have the difficult task of convincing customers to shell out $3,499 (plus the cost of ZEISS prescription lenses, if necessary) to take them home the viewer.

Anyone who wants to purchase Apple Vision Pro will be able to access a demonstration in Apple Stores lasting around half an hour.

Apple Vision Pro: a half-hour demo in stores

The usual Mark Gurman of Bloomberg has clarified some details regarding the launch of the new Apple Vision Pro. The high price and the lack of familiarity of users with the viewers also represent important obstacles for Apple which, in the past, has not had too many problems convincing its users to shell out significant sums to purchase the products of its ecosystem: compared to a Visione Pro, in fact, even an iPhone 15 Pro Max worth over two thousand dollars sells itself.

The Cupertino company is therefore working on training Apple Store employees who will have to explain to potential buyers, in detail, how the viewer works. A demonstration of at least 25 minutes will be necessary which, considering the possible questions from users, could easily exceed half an hour. 

Users interested in purchasing the Apple Vision Pro will have to undergo a facial scan , to identify the right bands and seals to use. Anyone who wears eyeglasses will also need to have their lenses scanned. An employee will then assemble the viewer with the user’s data. Apple Store staff will then provide instructions for wearing and setting up the device.

The demonstration of how Apple Vision Pro works will include viewing images via the Photos app (including 3D images), using the headset for web browsing and accessing various applications as well as watching 3D movies . Apple Stores will have spaces dedicated to demonstrations. Anyone who purchases Apple Vision Pro will then be able to go to an Apple Store to complete the setup correctly.

All this, indirectly, will mean that a user’s Vision Pro will be difficult to use by a friend or relative.

Half a million viewers in 2024

Apple is carefully preparing the launch of Apple Vision Pro and has chosen, for the moment, to focus exclusively on the US market. At launch, according to initial rumors, Apple will have around 80,000 viewers available (with a portion of these that will be used for demos in stores).

Furthermore, throughout 2024 , the company would aim to distribute around half a million viewers. Furthermore, at the moment the plans for international marketing are not yet clear. Results below expectations in the US could postpone the launch in other markets.

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