Apple Vision Pro, new features arrive: everything you can do

Apple vision pro

The ball is in the hands of developers who will have to bring apps to life to unleash the full potential of Cupertino’s AR/VR viewer.

The final version of Apple Vision Pro will include many more applications than those shown during the preview at WWDC 2023. As reported by The Information, the Cupertino company was ready to show others, but decided not to say a word because not yet ready for the public . Choice probably dictated both by development issues and to keep an ace up the sleeve compared to the competition.

Green light instead at a crucial phase for Apple’s AR/VR viewer with the release of the first release of the visionOS operating system . The debut of visionOS 1.0 Developer Beta arrives in conjunction with the software development kit (SDK) that calls upon developers to create innovative apps to take full advantage of the exceptional features of the new “spatial computer”.

All the apps silenced by Apple at WWDC

Among the apps postponed to the future are those designed for physical activity such as Tai Chi, Yoga and Nike Workout . But also a game that requires precision and Apple TV+ content with parts in augmented reality or 3D representations. Additionally, there are Mac apps in development for the headset, which follow the concept of ” visual computing “. 

Another important innovation omitted during the WWDC concerns “co-presence” apps which allow you to communicate with an interlocutor as if he were physically present in the same space as the user. 

But both in this case and in apps related to fitness and sports, developers have suspended their projects due to the difficulty in implementing body monitoring and tracking . This feature does not yet appear to be working fully and may only be available once the device is completed. This means that many apps could only be launched following the commercialization of Vision Pro.

Developers working to take full advantage of Apple Vision Pro

Xcode 15 beta 2 is the entry ticket to the SDK, while the labs in Cupertino, London, Munich, Shanghai, Singapore and Tokyo will be open starting from July to allow developers to test their apps on the hardware and get support from Apple engineers. Additionally, development teams can purchase dedicated kits.Fastweb Mobile Full

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With Vision Pro and core frameworks like truly immersive .

With the visionOS Reality Composer Pro simulator , developers can preview, interact with apps and test new environments and lighting conditions . Apple accessibility features are also built into every framework to make visionOS apps and spatial computing accessible to anyone.

The Apple Developer Program offers access to the visionOS SDK, updated Xcode software, Simulator, Reality Composer Pro, technical documentation, design kits, and a guide to the visionOS user interface.

The intelligent lens to interact with the real world

Among the most interesting and well-known functions of the visionOS operating system so far is that of ” Visual Search “. Similar to the iPhone and iPad of the same name, it allows users to get information about objects, interact with nearby text, copy and paste printed text from the real world into apps, translate content into 17 different languages, and more. With Apple Vision Pro , you can automatically detect text and documents , just like iPhone detects text in photos and lets you interact with it.

You can then take advantage of contact information , web page links, and unit conversions. For example, if a printed brochure contains a web link, you can scan it with Vision Pro to open a Safari window and view the web page . However, if a recipe is written in ounces, but you want to use grams, you can convert the units using the display.

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