Dry ages wagyu beef entrecôte

Now, you are not going to say it, I will, “that is a terrible name for a food” I’d bet that you wouldn’t even know what type of food it is, or even how to define it based on that name. So here is something that’s so odd sounding and it’s expensive that kind of blows the mind.

What you hear is just a fancy way of saying “dry aged steak” all of a sudden the perception does shift, doesn’t it? We all love steak and some will pay top dollars for the best ones around but, while dry aged steak doesn’t sound the best at first it’s apparently top notch.

Now, dry aging is a controlled decomposition process of the meat using precise umidity and temperature levels basically as the moisture is brought out of the steak, the flavor of the steak booms as well as making it a lot more tender during the dry aging process a crust of fungus grows on the outside of the meat.

It is important to trim off all the outer skin before you cook it because why would you wan to eat that. Add to all of that the process of ages takes weeks, sometimes even months and for the restaurants that do this kind of things they need specialised equipment to dry age the stake.

The result though is a delicious steak but one you’ll be paying a hefty price for, even in the many hundreds of dollars (depending where you get it)

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