Google turns 23: a journey to the origins of the “king” of search engines

The “Mountain View giant” was born in September 1998, founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, two students from Stanford University. This is the story of one of the tech companies that revolutionized the world

LGoogle’s story begins like that of many other American tech companies that have exploded in recent decades (and also many of those that have disappeared into thin air). A university in California, the brilliant intuitions of young students passionate about mathematics and computer science. And a garage . That must never be missing. We also find all these elements at the basis of what is today called “the Mountain View colossus”.READ ALSO› 

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Google, the birth of the search engine

Google turns 23: the search engine was officially born in September 1998. The founders are Larry Page and Sergey Brin , promising students at Stanford University. They know each other because Page was considering enrolling in graduate school at the University of California and Brin had been tasked with showing him around. After the first disagreements, the couple of colleagues and friends developed their own theory : to create a search engine based on the mathematical analysis of the relationships between websites to give better results than those existing at the time. The two are inspired by “network theory” , convinced that the pages cited with a greater number of links are the most worthy, and therefore should be highlighted.

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Their intuition was successful, because within a few years Google began to be used by tens, then thousands and finally millions of web surfers . The word chosen by Page and Brin refers to googol , a term used to represent a number consisting of 1 followed by 100 zeros. The first real “headquarters” of the company is, coincidentally, a garage. It is located in Menlo Park , California, and had been rented to the two young computer scientists by Susan Wojcicki , who today serves as CEO of YouTube.READ ALSO› 

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The new headquarters and expansion

But a rapidly growing company couldn’t settle for a car shed. In 1999 the headquarters moved to Mountain View, to what is now called the Googleplex . Over time the “king” of search engines has gone much further. It has kept up with the times, creating new services or purchasing many existing ones. Just think of Gmail for email, the operating system for Android phones (acquired in 2005) or the YouTube platform for videos, acquired in 2006 for the impressive sum of 1.65 billion dollars.READ ALSO› 

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A colossus between light and shadow

Today Google creates hundreds of products used by billions of people around the world , can count on 60 thousand employees and servers present in over 20 data centers globally. It’s not just lights. Privacy issues are now discussed daily, as are those on free competition . But like it or not, the reality created by Page and Brin (who left their operational roles in 2019) has now become part of the lives of many people and it has become almost impossible to do without it.

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