How to cut your own hair

man cutting own hair

Are you one of those people whose hair grows quicker than anything else? Are you bored of spending your salary on haircuts? You can decide to let it grow or try to cut it yourself!

Shave off the neck to temple area

Keep your head dry when cutting all around your sides with clippers number 3 starting gradually starting from the temple area going up to two fingers above your ear. Don’t go too high as you need to leave room for blending.

Now blend between the top and bottom

Now is time to blend with a number 4 and go right above the temple area where you just shaved with the 3. Start blending with a fading motion to cut regularly with no pressure on the clippers as you need to cut only the top hair.

Tapering the hairline

Use the number 2 to the clippers the bottom and all around the hairline to give a fade effect. Pull your skin while cutting for a better cut.

Clean up around the hairline

remove the attachment 2 as you’ll work with the zero blade now. Here you must be very careful and use a mirror if you can. Give a form to your hairline and ask for help with the back of your head if you can.

Top section

Cut a guideline, an imaginary line from the forehead to the crown through the centre of the head. Use scissors and cat the length you want throw your index and middle finger following the natural head shape.