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Have you noticed that you spend too much time on YouTube watching videos made by your favorite creators? Do you want to “force” yourself to reduce the time you spend on this platform by uninstalling the official app from all your mobile devices? This seems like a really good idea to me! As they say in these cases… extreme evils, extreme remedies!

If you have reached this point, however, I understand that you are not clear on how to uninstall YouTube . If this is actually the case, you have no reason to worry too much: if you want, I can explain how to proceed. In the next lines, you will find everything you need to do to remove the official app of the service from your devices explained in detail.

So, are you ready to get started? Yes? Fantastic! Make yourself comfortable, take all the time you need to concentrate on reading the next paragraphs and, even more importantly, implement the “tips” that I will give you. You will see: by scrupulously and carefully following the instructions I am about to give you, you will not have the slightest problem in completing your “business” today. Enjoy the reading!


How to delete YouTube

Since you are looking for information on how to uninstall YouTube , I think it is right to proceed by platform , given that Google services are now widespread on a large number of types of devices. Below you can therefore find all the details of the case.

How to uninstall YouTube from Android

How to uninstall YouTube from Android

If you are wondering, for example, how to uninstall YouTube from Samsung and how to uninstall YouTube on Xiaomi , i.e. using an Android device , you should know that in this case we are referring to a system app .

This means that it is pre-installed and therefore by default it is not possible to remove it (except with advanced methods such as those I have indicated in my tutorial on how to uninstall system apps , but I advise against putting them into practice because nowadays they could also lead to instability at a software level and any security issues due to root ), but you can deactivate it .

To proceed in this way, net of possible slight differences that depend on the Android model you have, just go to Settings > App > App information and select the YouTube box . Once this is done, the Deactivate option will appear at the bottom , then confirm everything using the Deactivate app button . However, a warning may appear on the screen that by deactivating an Android system app it may no longer work as expected , so consider what to do carefully and reactivate YouTube if its deactivation causes problems.

If you are wondering how to uninstall YouTube from Huawei , as you have a device of this brand without Google services, you can easily follow the instructions in my guide on how to uninstall apps on Android , as it is an app that you have installed you externally (perhaps via solutions like GSpace ) and was not integrated into the operating system.

How to uninstall YouTube from iPhone and iPad

How to uninstall YouTube from iPhone and iPad

If you are wondering how to uninstall YouTube on your mobile phone and you are not referring to an Android device , it means that you want to proceed from the iPhone (or iPad ). In this case, however, if you have the Google service app available, it means that you installed it from the App Store , i.e. the integrated digital store.

Simply put, you can easily go through the usual app uninstallation procedure , so you shouldn’t encounter too many problems. All you have to do, therefore, is go to the Home screen of the device and hold down the YouTube icon , then tap on the Remove app item that appears on the screen.

After that, first select the Delete app option and then the Delete option , so that the uninstallation is actually completed. That’s all: if you need more information, you might in any case be interested in learning more about my guide on how to uninstall apps on iPhone .

How to uninstall YouTube from TV

How to uninstall YouTube from TV

How do you say? Are you wondering how to uninstall YouTube from your TV or how to uninstall YouTube from your Smart TV ? In this case, it depends on the TV model, as there are various operating systems available in this area.

However, in general what you could do is follow the usual uninstallation procedure , which approximately could be related to the pencil icon section starting from the Home screen , so as to enter Edit mode . After that, all that remains is to select the X icon for YouTube to proceed, then confirming your desire to delete the app.

However, there are many variables at play and you may have an Android TV available , in which the app is pre-installed and it is therefore not possible to proceed with complete removal. In any case, my tutorial on how to delete YouTube from your TV might be of interest to you .

How to uninstall YouTube from PC

How to uninstall YouTube from PC

If you followed my tutorial on how to install YouTube on PC , you may have the service’s PWA (Progressive Web App) available on your computer and perhaps want to uninstall it. Don’t worry: even in this case everything is very simple.

To be clear, generally just start the YouTube PWA using the appropriate icon, click on the three dots icon at the top right, select the Uninstall YouTube item and confirm your choice by pressing the Remove button . Perfect, now the PWA is no longer installed on your computer.

In the event that you are unable to carry out this operation, know that you can use the classic uninstallation procedure of the operating system . For example, on Windows 11 what you might be interested in doing is accessing the Settings (using the appropriate gear icon generally accessible directly from the Start menu ), then selecting the Apps tab on the left. Once you have selected the Installed Apps box , all you have to do is find the YouTube box and click on the three dots icon , then pressing on the Uninstall option . In short, there is nothing too complex, but in case of doubt you may still be interested in referring to my general guide on how to uninstall a program .

How to uninstall YouTube Kids

How to uninstall YouTube Kids

The application linked to the Google service installed on your device is YouTube Kids , but the little ones in the family have now grown up and you no longer need it? No problem: uninstallation is simple.

In fact, if you are interested in simply deleting the app from your device , you can easily follow the instructions provided previously for YouTube , as you always go through the usual uninstallation procedure . Yes, exactly what I also described in my general guide on how to uninstall apps .

However, if what you intend is to unlock the profile linked to the service, given that it is no longer needed, I strongly advise you to follow what is indicated in my tutorial on how to remove YouTube Kids , in which I went into more detail on the issue.

How to uninstall YouTube Music

How to uninstall YouTube Music

How do you say? Do you have the YouTube Music app available on your device and would you like to delete it too, so as to no longer see any icons relating to this service? It’s all very simple.

In fact, as already explained in some ways in the chapter related to YouTube Kids , what you can do is simply go through the classic uninstallation procedure relating to the operating system operating on your device (yes: in simple words, you can simply follow what is indicated in the chapter related to YouTube ).

For the rest, if you are looking for other platforms that go beyond the Google service, you might be interested in learning more about my in-depth study on online video search , so as to be more aware of what is made available by today’s world of the Web.

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