How to optimize your Linkedin profile for search engines

A professional who wants to achieve goals and new job opportunities must optimize his LinkedIn profile to make it visible on search engines

LinkedIn is a social media that differs from others due to the reference sector . It is intended for professionals from different fields and for students who want to start approaching the world of work, acquire new skills and knowledge or show off those they already have.

You can find job offers there and you can communicate with colleagues or experts from other sectors, giving rise to important synergies that can allow each individual to achieve their professional and personal goals. To do this it is necessary to structure a correct presence strategy on the platform, which takes into consideration the principles of SEO.

A Linkedin profile can also be found on search engines . This means it needs to be optimized to allow it to be visible and appear in search results based on relevant queries and keywords. 

Building an effective SEO strategy on LinkedIn

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Building an effective SEO strategy for LinkedIn, i.e. a strategy that allows you to improve your positioning in search engine results for certain keywords and increase traffic to your pages, leads to the achievement of various advantages . 

The first of all is the possibility of standing out among many similar profiles and in a highly competitive job market, appearing among the first search results compared to one’s colleagues or those who provide similar or alternative services. Through a correct LinkedIn SEO strategy, the possibilities of business , collaboration with other experts, being contacted by potential customers or accessing interesting job opportunities increase .

LinkedIn ‘s algorithm highlights certain profiles, based on their level of completeness, consistency and engagement . This means that it is essential to complete your profile with as much information as possible , produce content and try to interact, through comments and shares, with other members of the platform. 

Personal connections are another aspect that allows you to be more visible on the platform. It is advisable to cultivate relationships and build a social network in a strategic way. It is advisable to use hashtags to promote your content, be relevant, comment, solicit interactions and share.

Work experiences and what concerns your profession must be shared on LinkedIn. Members are less interested in the personal matters or private lives of other users 

The importance of keywords: how to use them correctly

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Keywords are important, because the search occurs through them. They are what allow recruiters or potential clients to find what they are looking for and need . For a successful presence on the platform, you need to use them wisely and correctly, inserting them in all the useful places.

To find the keywords to insert, you need to ask yourself questions and understand who your skills and profile could be useful to, what visitors want to receive and what their information needs are.

Studying your competitors, noting down the keywords most used by them, can be a good starting point for drawing up your own keyword list . Even from the job offers you can identify those most used by recruiters to look for professional figures similar to their own. Through some tools , easily available on the Internet, you can identify the keywords with the highest search volumes .

The keywords must be inserted in strategic points of your profile , such as in the qualification, in the summary, in the headline, in the profile URL, in the description of previous job positions, in the awards received, in the projects, in the area dedicated to training, in skills and in all other fields in which it is possible to express them.Fastweb Mobile Full

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Create relevant and interesting content consistently

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A profile cannot be optimized if it is not active . A good SEO strategy includes creating relevant, interesting and engaging content . They must answer their audience’s questions, provide requested information, solutions to problems, highlight the professional’s knowledge and skills and stimulate interactions.

Good content production makes your LinkedIn profile more interesting

The identified keywords must be inserted into the contents . It is a good idea to structure columns, identify the topics and themes to be discussed or those deemed most interesting by your target audience and structure an editorial plan and an editorial calendar .

If you insert and publish images, it is advisable to optimize them, inserting the keywords relating to the content within the ALT tag and assigning a relevant title. 

Insert links to external articles, videos or useful images

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Backlinks are perceived as a positive element by search engines, especially if they are connected to portals and pages considered reliable and consistent .

Within your profile, to improve your positioning, it is a good idea to insert links that lead the visitor to your personal website , if existing, or to that of the company where you work, to your social profiles or to other pages where they are present. interesting and useful content, such as videos or images.

What shouldn’t be missing from your profile

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To be optimized, your Linkedin profile must be as complete as possible . Visitors must be able to access data and information that is constantly updated and modified in the event of changes.

It is advisable to indicate your geographical position , the city or region you belong to. It is especially important if you are looking for new job opportunities and if your work cannot be done remotely. 

The role played must be clear , which must be indicated in the headline, and the URL must be perfected by composing it with name, surname and a keyword. The user must insert a professional profile photo, a description of the qualification, the professional sector to which they belong, training and previous experience, their skills, publications, recommendations obtained and everything that is necessary to have a complete profile.

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