How to quit drugs


Of all addiction, drug use is one of the most common and afflicts individuals in a complete different way. But what are the best tips to win against this monster?

Keep yourself busy

May drugs stimulate your brain giving you cheap chills or a “not earned reward” feeling spiking endorphin and other receptors. In your first weeks of quitting you should cultivate an hobby, get adrenaline from something else. Sky diving? Running? Boxing? maybe reading a book excites you more than these previous activity? Whatever it is keeping yourself busy physically keeps your mind away from relapsing.

Find/Create a social relationship

People need people especially in moment of crisis. No one is ever alone and you’ll find out that you aren’t either! Text that old friend of yours. Give another chance to your uncle or just meet a random stranger and share something. Joining a support group can help you not to feel lonely in this journey but you better surround yourself with people with no drug abuse history (just in case you both “feel down”).

We could go on forever with tips and advice but we all know that the remaining will revolve around these two mentioned above.