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Lately, you’ve decided to do some “cleaning” on your Smart TV by deleting some applications that you haven’t used for a long time or have never opened. Among these, in particular, you would like to remove the one relating to YouTube , the famous video sharing service owned by Google, as at least for the moment you have no intention of using it.

However, despite searching far and wide for the various functions of the device, you were unable to find out how to remove YouTube from the TV and, for this reason, you would like my support in understanding the correct procedure to follow. No problem, I’m here on purpose!

Before starting, however, I would like to inform you that in many cases the app in question is integrated into the operating system itself: depending on the brand and model you own, this operation may or may not be allowed. Where possible, therefore, I will show you the alternative solutions available to you, which consist of deactivating YouTube or simply removing the icon from the favorite applications screen. All clear? Perfect, in that case I’ll leave you to read the next chapters straight away, wishing you good continuation!


How to delete YouTube from TV

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As promised, below I will show you the various options available to you to delete YouTube from your TV ; as mentioned in the introduction, however, this is often a system app that cannot be removed. At most, it is possible to interrupt its execution by deactivating it and “hiding” it from the main TV screen. If, however, you simply want to block it , in the dedicated guide just linked you will find all the information you need to prevent access to the service.

To make reading easier, I have chosen to divide this tutorial into chapters dedicated to the main television brands, but keep in mind that there may also be substantial differences between individual models produced by the same brand.

In fact, given the enormous variety of possible combinations, it is not possible to create a universal guide valid for all Smart TVs , but I am sure that by following my instructions you will be able to easily orient yourself in the menus of your television and identify the function that allows you to remove the app in question.

How to remove YouTube from Android TV

deactivating YouTube from Android TV

Are you specifically looking for instructions on how to remove YouTube from your Android TV ? Well, you should know that in this case the app is an integral part of the operating system and, therefore, unlike other third-party applications relating to services not provided directly by Google, it is not possible to proceed with its complete uninstallation .

By accessing the Google Play Store , the virtual store you usually use to manage the applications of your Android TV , in fact, you are only given the possibility of removing the various updates installed over time.

However, you can take an alternative route to ensure that the application in question is at least inactive . A possible solution consists in disabling it , an operation that would allow you to interrupt the related processes that act in the background on the TV, so as to reduce the use of available resources.

To do this, press the Home button on the remote control, then use the directional arrows to go to the gear icon at the top right, press the confirmation button and select the App item from the contextual menu .

Next, if you don’t see YouTube in the recently used app section, press Show all apps , then scroll through the list that will be displayed until you highlight the icon of the popular video sharing service and press the confirmation button again. .

Now, in the new menu that opens, select the Deactivate option , confirm your intention at the next step by pressing OK , and that’s it: its icon, in fact, is no longer visible in the Apps section of your Android Smart TV. Obviously, you can also perform the same operation for YouTube Music , the version of the service focused on playing music content.

Also consider that you can reactivate them at any time by following the same steps explained so far: you will find them in the Deactivated Apps section , and just press on the relevant Activate item to proceed with their restoration.

How do you say? In reality, rather than deactivating the app, would you like to know how to remove YouTube from the TV so that the Home screen no longer shows suggestions relating to content present on the service in question? No problem, I’ll show you how to proceed straight away.

First of all, go to the settings section as shown previously, using the gear symbol and , this time, select the Device Preferences item , then press on the Home screen function .

Once this is done, highlight the Customize Channels option within the Channels section and scroll down the next menu to select YouTube . Finally, move the switches relating to the channels that are active to OFF , in order to deactivate the display of the respective contents on the TV’s Home screen.

How to remove YouTube from Samsung TV

deactivating YouTube from Samsung Smart Hub

If you have a Samsung TV , you will most likely only find the possibility of disabling YouTube , as it is often integrated as a system app which, therefore, cannot be completely deleted.

If the model you own is equipped with the Tizen operating system , to start press the Home button on the remote control to access the main screen, then highlight the Apps function there and press the selection button.

At the next step, perform the same operation by pressing, this time, on the gear symbol at the top right, then locate the YouTube icon and press the Delete option from the menu below, confirming your intention in the appropriate notification.

If, however, it is a device produced before 2017 equipped with Smart Hub functions , press the button on the remote control with this wording to open its main screen, then select the YouTube icon in the Apps section .

Now, depending on the model you have, you may need to hold down the OK button on the remote control for a couple of seconds or press the arrow pointing upwards , which will allow you to expand a drop-down menu. Finally, press the Delete option or the trash can symbol and confirm your intention to deactivate the app in question in the next notification.

How to remove YouTube from LG TV

LG logo

If you want to know how to remove YouTube from your LG TV , and this app is not pre-installed in the webOS version of your TV, follow these simple instructions to proceed with its removal.

As a rule, especially in the most recent LG Smart TVs , it is sufficient to press the Home button on the remote control and scroll the Launcher bar that appears at the bottom to the end, then selecting the pencil symbol .

In this way, you will enter Edit mode , and simply select the YouTube app present in the same bar with the directional keys, highlight and press the [X] located above the relevant icon, and finally confirm your intention for the next step .

In some devices equipped with a pointer remote control it may be sufficient to hold down the wheel button for a few seconds to make the above [X] appear.

How to remove YouTube from Sony TV

Sony logo

The Sony televisions currently in production, as you probably already know, are equipped with operating systems developed by “Big G”, namely Android TV (from 2015) and Google TV (from 2021). If you have a model of this type, therefore, I refer you to reading the previous dedicated chapter , as the procedure to follow is substantially the same.

If, however, you want to find out how to remove YouTube from a Sony TV equipped with a different operating system, as you can easily imagine, the instructions may differ, even significantly, depending on the model.

As a rule, however, to delete an application you need to press the HOME button on the remote control, press the Applications item and then select the desired app. Finally, just press the OPTIONS button on the remote control and press the Remove from Applications function .

How to remove YouTube from Philips TV

removing YouTube from Philips Smart TV

Figuring out how to remove YouTube from your Philips TV , as you will be able to see for yourself shortly, is not at all complex, on the contrary: once the TV is turned on, in fact, if it is a model equipped with the SAPHI operating system you simply need to press the Home button on the remote control (the one with the house symbol ), access the Applications menu visible at the bottom of the screen using the directional keys, and scroll through the icons below until you select the function called Edit .

Once this is done, the system activates a special mode which allows you to make changes to the apps already installed, and all you have to do is scroll the panel in question again to the YouTube icon, press the directional arrow pointing upwards to highlight the [X] there and confirm your intention to delete that application with the selection button on the remote control.

If, however, it is a model with Android TV , I refer you to reading the dedicated chapter that I have just linked to refer you to the correct procedure.

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