iPhone 15 Plus, the review: this is how it reduced the gap from the Pro models

Pros and cons of the latest smartphone produced by Apple. Progress but also flaws: the 60 Hz refresh rate for a phone in this price range remains a low blow

For a few weeks we have been testing the new iPhone 15 Plus. And after the initial emotional oscillations, which risk turning into unclear impressions, let’s try to sum up this new model, which apparently – in the difficulties that the iPhone 15 family are experiencing – is the most appreciated one.

In general, the iPhone 15 Plus seems to us to have reduced its gap with the Pro models. The design, the Dynamic Island (which last year was only on the Pro models), an even lighter weight than the Pro Max, a faster chip and a better performing camera, make the 15 Plus much closer to the 15 Pro Max, compared to what happened in the past. And it’s not trivial, because being able to have an iPhone with a larger screen without necessarily having to resort to the performance (and above all the price) of the Pro Max is good news for users.

What’s in the box

Let’s start from the beginning: what’s in the box. Apple has stopped equipping smartphones with a charging adapter for a couple of years now. This time too it is like this. Inside, however, there is another surprise. This year, all iPhone 15 series models come with a USB-C port, so the cable included in the box has USB-C connectors on both ends. And perhaps for this reason, this year it was also worth providing a suitable power supply.

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There are no major changes in the design. It is now difficult to distinguish an iPhone from the 12 model onwards, because the changes are very few and often imperceptible. But there are still some we liked anyway: thinner bezels around the screen and a new matte glass back that no longer catches fingerprint smudges like it used to. The big change is on the front body, where the famous notch has given way to the integrated Dynamic Island. This, as mentioned, makes the iPhone 15 Plus something much more similar to the Pro models.

Display and frequency

The display is the same one used in the models from a year ago. But the bad news, if you are used to a Pro model, is that the difference in frequency is completely visible. 60Hz is visibly different than 120Hz displays. The refresh rate is slower, which is a notable flaw. Also because for phones in this price range, 60 Hz now belongs to the past for all manufacturers. It’s time for Apple to adapt. Because this very feature is the one that convinced us the least. The fluidity of use suffers as a result.

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What a photo it takes

The ultrawide camera is the same as the iPhone 14 Plus, with no major surprises. The selfie camera is still the same as the previous model, a 12-megapixel camera that supports Portrait mode, Night mode, and 4K, 60FPS video recording. Overall, however, photos have never been the iPhone’s weak point. On the contrary. And this model also confirms that Apple does its job when it comes to cameras. The zoom quality has improved and especially with the 2X zoom you can see better results. The advice, however, remains to zoom in a little. On videos, however, there is little story: the 4K videos of the iPhone (also of this iPhone) probably remain the best on the market.

Do I buy it or not?

But is it worth buying a new iPhone 15 Plus? Clearly it is a question subject to too many variables to be able to answer synthetically. Certainly, as written at the beginning of this article, the gap with the Pro models has been reduced, especially for those looking for an iPhone with a more generous screen (that of the Plus, like the Pro Max, is 6.7 inches). Some differences remain, but it’s also a question of budget. In general, iPhone 15 Plus is a model that could prove to have an excellent quality/price ratio for those who want an iPhone.

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