Iranian almas beluga caviar

black beluga cabiar

Here is another food item that you would immediately understand is expensive because of those last two words. Even the las word in the name will be a tip that caviar, plain and simple, is fish eggs that rich and royal alway enjoyed plentifully.

The caviar fans have gone to try to find the best caviars in the world, one of which is beluga caviar. However, if you want to go even more grand than that you’ll need to get Iranian almost beluga caviar (the most expensive caviar today).

In Russian this caviar is referred to as a diamond in terms of both rarity and value, almost is one of those items that are not for sale just anywhere. In order to acquire it you need to go to one of the few select caviar house and prunier stores, the only place in the world where it’s available for sale.

How expensive is iranian alma beluga caviar?

Now, to give you a small taste of what it costs, it can go for around $36,000+ for teaspoon. Yes! I said “per teaspoon” and that0s for fish eggs that apparently taste good. An for just a teaspoon you could literally pay certain jobs their whole salary in a year.

So, hopefully you see why certain people are miffed at the one percent, because they rather spend their money on fish eggs than helping out those in need.

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