AI Analytics Translator

Proximus Ada

About the job


The mission of Proximus Ada, Center of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Cybersecurity, is to support the Proximus group (and its partners) to bring value through innovative solutions across domains thanks to those two high tech areas.

Note that Proximus Ada, a spin-off of Proximus, has recently been founded (April 2022) and is a fast-growing start-up. We went from 50 to 90 employees in about 16 months.

The team you would join is responsible for the growth & success of our AI business across various types of partners. It goes from B2B sales, project implementation, developing AI assets or drive research initiatives.

The vision and ambition of the team you join is

  • to spot & materialize opportunities to generate value for B2B prospects and/or Proximus Group
  • to help the company to become a Belgian/European reference in AI driven activities recognized by peers from all sectors
  • to contribute to the Belgian society through various do-good initiatives
  • to drive collaboration with research institutions

Role description:

As an Analytics Translator, you will join an ambitious team challenging the status quo thanks to AI. You will have a key role in both helping your stakeholders to define a long-term plan to leverage AI technologies as well as implementing more tactical projects to deliver short term value. You will also be responsible to conduct relevant market analysis to support decision & help defining the AI strategy on the B2B market. You will have the key role to ensure smooth collaboration & alignment between the management, experts & data scientists thanks to your “translation” skills (from concept to actions). You will support stakeholders in idea generation, AI awareness, building business cases & prioritization while exploring new AI opportunities through proof of concepts and/or values. You will have the opportunity to work in various domains and for a wide range of entities/companies. Finally, you will play a key role in supporting account managers to convince clients to further invest in AI with us.


  • You will help defining the Proximus Ada portfolio [10%]
  • You will help qualifying leads, writing proposals & pitch it to prospects in collaboration with Account managers, sales & experts [30%]
  • You will support stakeholders in their transformation towards data-driven organization by demystifying AI & generating disruptive ideas [10%]
  • You will lead the design & delivery of Proof of Concepts/Values to foster impactful innovation & create engagement [20%]
  • You will follow up on several AI projects in collaboration with experts from various domains/entities while guaranteeing the optimal trade-off between time to market & business impact by making the link between our data scientists and the business [30%]

Degree & experience:

  • Master’s degree in a relevant field (Business Engineering, Business management with a focus on innovation & technology)
  • 3-5 years of relevant work experience in the field


  • You have solid data & AI literacy (you can talk about the importance of the data foundations, you master what AI/ML is, how it works and what it can bring to companies, you can explain the main AI capabilities, applications and limitations, etc.)
  • You have experience with E2E AI project management, follow-up & delivery
  • You can create impactful & professional PowerPoint presentations to inspire new customers to invest in AI
  • You have experience in the B2B context and have good stakeholder management skills
  • You are organized and structured in your follow up
  • You are a team player
  • You are curious, have a significant interest in innovative technologies & are a quick learner
  • You can inspire & motivate others, facilitate co-creation & drive initiatives
  • You have experience in conducting market analyses & presenting results to executives
  • You are as comfortable to interact/communicate with top management as with experts in their domains
  • You are proactive and motivated to work in a fast-growing company
  • You are independent with a growth mindset (seeking feedback & applying lessons learned)
  • You love being part of the first wave of change and challenge the status quo
  • You have an analytical & critical mind, and you are comfortable with both abstract concepts and pragmatic ideas
  • You easily come up with future scenarios & their potential implications
  • Specific knowledge in the following machine learning domains is a big plus: generative AI, NLP (Natural language processing), timeseries forecasting and anomaly detection, computer vision
  • Any Project management (also agile) certification is a plus


  • You are fluent in Dutch and excellent communication skills, both written & speakin in English. French is considered as a plus.

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