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About the job

Position Description

At Ackama Group, we believe technology can make the world a better place. We design and build web applications and websites for diverse clients in many industries. Our focus is always on doing the right thing for our people and our clients.

We strive to build solutions to client problems which find the right balance of speed of feature development, sustainable maintenance and ease of scaling. We also support our apps in production for most clients. We have offices in Melbourne, Wellington and Christchurch. We’re first and foremost a service delivery company.

Ackama Group consists of two brands under its name – Ackama and Common Code. Common Code joined the Ackama family in November 2022!

This acquisition of Ackama and Common Code, was an exciting development, bringing two teams sharing the same ‘tech for good’ ethos together, with both companies specialising in using technology for positive societal outcomes. The two companies have worked with numerous organisations on projects to help improve aspects of our society.

It now means we together have a team of over 80 people, leveraging and strengthening both companies’ expertise in Product Management, User Experience, Cloud-native Development and DevOps – all areas that are in strong demand from clients.

About the Role

We believe that great people can always find their place. Individuals thrive when they can be authentic and true to themselves.

At Ackama Group, we are currently recruiting for a permanent full-time position of a junior-mid level Digital Marketing Coordinator. This role is fully remote, with the option of co-working space available.

Team – Marketing

Reports to – Community Manager

Direct Reports – NA

Key relationships – Community Manager, Chief Revenue Officer

Role Purpose

As the Digital Marketing Coordinator at the Ackama Group, your purpose is to execute robust digital marketing strategies that enhance the brand’s presence online.

The Digital Marketing Coordinator will manage brand identity and tone across digital channels, use market analysis to inform decision-making, and assist in the implementation of content strategies that resonate with the target audience.

Additionally, you will collaborate with the wider business and partner marketing agencies on sales support collateral, business case writing, implement content marketing campaigns, engage in social media activities, create thought leadership content, assist in generating marketing reports, and implement sales support strategies. Your role is crucial in driving the brand’s growth and success in the digital realm.

Job Responsibilities

  • Implement content strategies based on audience analysis to engage and resonate with the target customers.
  • Support brand identity and maintain consistent brand tone across all digital channels.
  • Create sales support collateral that effectively communicates the Ackama Group brand’s value proposition.
  • Contribute to business case writing to support marketing initiatives and secure resources.
  • Implement content marketing strategies to promote the Ackama Group services.
  • Execute social media campaigns to build brand awareness, engage the target audience, and generate leads.
  • Work with Ackama’s technical leaders to create thought leadership content to position the brand as an industry leader and drive brand credibility.
  • Assist in generating marketing reports to evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns, track key performance metrics, and provide actionable insights.

Key performance indicators

Key performance indicators (KPIs) for the Digital Marketing Coordinator will be focused on measuring and monitoring:

  • Execution of digital content against schedule
  • Social media engagement
  • Click-through rate (CTR)
  • Front of mind / brand awareness
  • Content performance

If this kind of work gets you excited, we’d love to hear from you!

Even if you don’t meet 100% of the requirements listed above, we still encourage you to apply. We’re open to all backgrounds and encourage people from underrepresented groups to apply. We never discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or disability status.

How to Apply

Please submit your CV and cover letter via this page.

Our process will generally be as follows:

  • A screening interview with our talent team
  • First thorough discussion with our Community Manager (Eliza Holliday) and our Head of Government and Enterprise (Ashleigh Grogan)
  • A final chat with our Chief Revenue Officer (Tom Williamson) and our Community Manager (Eliza Holliday)

We promise to be respectful of your time as an applicant while trying to be as thorough as possible in finding the right fit for our team.

Applications only from candidates who are legally entitled to work and are already based in Australia or New Zealand please, with a preference for Melbourne based candidates as ideally they can meet the clients in person as and when required.

To apply for this job please visit