Jobs of the future: most requested professional figures, skills and degrees

The professions of the future in a constantly evolving market

The jobs of the future that we will be called upon to carry out in the coming years do not represent a static and easily predictable set of activities. On the contrary, the labor market in which they are inserted represents an extremely changeable and dynamic reality, increasingly called upon to adapt to the demands of companies and their needs for growth and competition at a global level. What are the professions of the future and what will be the most requested degree qualifications in the next 5 years? What new skills will it be necessary to acquire for a bright and cutting-edge career , ready to take on new challenges and brilliant opportunities? We are ready to reveal it to you. With a due premise.

Economics, law and medicine are the degrees of the future

Did you know that the economic system ‘s need for graduates in the future is around 1.2 million units? A study conducted by ANPAL and Unioncamere on the medium-term employment needs of companies has shown that the most requested degrees by 2025 will be those obtained in the areas of economics and law , followed by qualifications in medicine and engineering . Let’s look in more detail at the most requested degrees in the future and the areas of study in which to invest for your university education :

  1. Economic-Statistical : expected graduate requirement of around 40,000 units;
  2. Legal and Political-Social : demand for graduates of 39,000 units;
  3. Medical-Healthcare : demand for graduates from 33,500 to 35,300 units;
  4. Engineering : requirement from 31,500 to 34,600 units.

By cross-referencing the demand data with the average supply of graduates expected for the five-year period, a general situation of slight shortage in the number of graduates entering the market emerged . The data on the future of work is clear: the employment needs of the private and public sectors by 2025 are between 3.5 and 3.9 million workers, demonstrating how the idea of ​​a market saturated with graduates is just a false myth, especially with regards to health, legal and scientific areas. Doctors, economists, engineers, jurists: the future awaits you! Let’s imagine it together.

15 jobs of the future between innovation, digitalisation and new scenarios

The sectors of the future are increasingly oriented towards the countless opportunities for innovation offered by the spread of new digital technologies and scientific progress. Likewise, ever-increasing attention will be paid to emerging professions in environmental sustainability and business economics . Green jobs represent a new employment perspective for those who intend to build their career right away and will require professionals with transversal knowledge, devoted to a green transition of the world in which we live. Let’s take a detailed look at the most sought-after and profitable professions of the future on the job market in the next five years.

1. Salesforce Consultant

Becoming a Salesforce consultant is one of the best investments in your future, with this emerging profession guaranteeing a higher average salary than other IT professionals. Did you know that Salesforce is one of the best CRM software in the world, as well as the most used by Italian and international companies? According to research by the International Data Corporation, the Salesforce ecosystem will create approximately 9.3 million jobs in the future by 2026: in the Italian market alone, a need of approximately 93 thousand units is expected in the next four years. DISCOVER THE SALESFORCE ACADEMY LUM

2. Artificial Intelligence Engineer

The engineer specialized in Artificial Intelligence is a professional who deals with applying AI within a company . His role is to design, develop and implement cognitive services and machine learning , deep learning and machine learning solutions . Thanks to the skills of the AI ​​expert engineer , the company can maintain its competitive advantage on the market. Collaborating with multidisciplinary teams, he identifies opportunities to optimize operational efficiency through the use of AI. Furthermore, his activity is essential to maximize business processes, develop predictive data analysis and provide strategic decision-making support to senior management.

3. Machine Learning Specialist

The Machine Learning Specialist is a technical figure, generally a computer engineer , who has a solid mathematical and engineering background applied to statistics and information technologies. The aim of his work is to develop algorithms oriented towards learning information and behaviour, with careful analysis of data using mathematical-computational methods. According to the World Economic Forum report on the future of work , there will be around 97 million new jobs in the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning and technological growth! GUIDE TO NEW WORKS IN THE FIELD OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE

4. Digital Transition Manager

The digital revolution is already underway and it is increasingly essential for companies to hire professional figures who are experts in the economic-managerial, technological and statistical-mathematical fields. Future digital transition managers initiate digital transformation processes in various types of business organizations, allowing an innovative approach in the creation of business models based on the strategic application of new digital technologies . Creating value, in a disruptive way , embracing the courage to innovate: ready for the challenge?

5. Project Manager

A second figure who will enjoy brilliant job opportunities in the future is that of the Project Manager . This professional, generally a management engineer , is responsible for starting, planning, implementing and concluding a company project , with the responsibility of monitoring its progress and leading his team towards the objective desired by the client. Leadership, relational and management skills, but not only: maintaining an operational and complete vision of projects is a decisive step for the success of companies, which in the future may no longer be able to do without a PMO that is strongly goal-oriented . DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION AND PROJECT MANAGEMENT: DISCOVER THE DEGREE COURSE IN MANAGEMENT ENGINEERING

6. E-commerce Manager

The post-pandemic economy and market have been called to face an unprecedented challenge, responding to the needs of a society whose purchasing needs have irreversibly changed. Online businesses and e -commerce platforms represent the new paradigms of the current entrepreneurial fabric and future e-commerce managers are called upon to acquire specific digital marketing and project management skills . The target? Create, coordinate and manage the company’s online sales activities , defining strategies aimed at generating revenue deriving from products or services showcased on the web .

7. SEO Specialist

He knows Google and all its secrets, he expresses concepts in keywords , he empathically empathizes with the user and his curiosities, he takes care of positioning online contents at the top of the list of results on search engines: the digital jobs of the future cannot regardless of optimized content marketing strategies and the SEO Specialist will be a key figure increasingly requested by companies, to increase the authority, visibility and organic traffic of a website of any nature. DISCOVER THE DEGREE COURSES IN ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS ORGANIZATION

8. Cyber ​​Security Analyst

The role of the Cyber ​​Security Analyst is extremely sought after on the market as this professional is responsible for the digital protection of businesses , companies and organizations, defending them from threats and cyber attacks. While the Information Security Analyst deals with the security of IT infrastructures and the implementation of safety, protection and control systems, the Cyber ​​Security Analyst also has the task of managing security incidents. This involves investigating the nature of the attacks, mitigating their effects and recovering the affected systems using specific security tools. Another reason this Artificial Intelligence job is so coveted is that the Cyber ​​Security Specialist is responsible for identifying any external data breaches that could compromise the integrity and privacy of company information.

9. Data Scientists

Nowadays big data are fundamental elements of our daily life and describe almost every aspect of our social life. Within a company, the role of a Data Scientist focuses on the organization, classification and analysis of large amounts of data. Knowing cutting-edge tools such as analytics , cloud technologies , automation and machine learning are now fundamental for making decisions aimed at company growth. Having an internal professional figure capable of collecting and codifying structured and unstructured data will help companies of the future to gain competitiveness and better understand their target audience.

10. Cloud Architect

An emerging digital job that certainly deserves to be mentioned is that of the Cloud Architect . This new professional figure presents itself as an IT systems architect, who has the task of making corporate processes of management, communication and information sharing more agile. In detail, a cloud architect deals with designing and building scalable and flexible cloud environments , offering a positive response to change and ensuring faster adaptation to a company’s business needs. DISCOVER THE INNOVATIVE DEGREE COURSE IN COMPUTER ENGINEERING

11. Catering Entrepreneur

Among the new professional figures in catering is that of the chef entrepreneur , an expert in gastronomy capable of combining a love of cooking with his flair for business and social entrepreneurship. The catering manager is an emerging professional figure who creates, develops and manages a business activity with a strong specialization in the hospitality sector, covering a top role in the top management of Italian catering and enhancing Italian food and wine culture in a completely new. DISCOVER THE EXCLUSIVE DEGREE COURSE IN FOOD AND WINE

12. Nurse

The health crisis that is still raging in the world has undoubtedly put the spotlight on the professional figure of the nurse , highlighting their very delicate role for the entire community. In the future there will be an increasingly greater need for healthcare workers who are able to treat, assist and educate individual citizens in the area, combining clinical, medical and scientific skills with love and a propensity towards caring . The data speaks clearly: according to an FNOPI (National Federation of Nursing Professions) census on the nursing shortage , in Italy and in our public and private healthcare facilities there is a shortage of around 63 thousand nurses. You are really needed!


13. Corporate Lawyer

The corporate lawyer is a professional who carries out consultancy activities for companies in the legal field , helping them to define well-defined legal, commercial and tax policies. In other words, he is a figure who is responsible for protecting the legal interests of the company in which he operates, directing its decisions in order to calculate, prevent or avoid legal risks. Secondly, the corporate lawyer provides judgments regarding the reliability of the legislative indications to be adopted, deals with the management of any disputes or legal disputes , as well as maintains strong relationships with the relevant institutions.

14. Criminologist

Within professional activities in the criminological sciences sector, the figure of a criminologist who has complete knowledge of the investigative tools adopted by the scientific community is becoming increasingly sought after . Studying crimes of any nature, finding criminals and supporting them psychologically during detention and reintegration, preventing public or environmental crimes and fighting against corporate or banking fraud: courts, prosecutors’ offices, prisons and police offices will be increasingly needed in the coming years of expert professionals in the sector!

15. International Business Lawyer

The business lawyer who operates in the international field stands out from more traditional figures due to his broader and more dynamic approach to law and economics . The increasingly global market developments will require, in the future , an increasingly large number of experts in macro and micro-economics , with skills integrated into the knowledge of regulatory systems and mechanisms of international markets . Reading a company balance sheet, preparing and interpreting contractual documents, assisting a company in its internationalization processes, applying knowledge relating to commercial law and financial markets: are you ready for an international legal career ? DISCOVER THE SINGLE-CYCLE MASTER’S DEGREE COURSE IN LAW

Green Jobs: why they are the jobs of the future

A separate consideration must be made for green jobs , future jobs linked to environmental sustainability , the protection and well-being of the Earth. Over the years, companies have become increasingly sensitive to social issues concerning the health of our planet: in 2015, the United Nations General Assembly launched the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development plan , setting long-term objectives for transformation of the economic , environmental and social world. Among these objectives, a new, completely eco-friendly circular reality is designed , oriented towards an imminent green transition . Globally, investments in green financial products are expanding, the market has started to grasp the infinite opportunities that the green economy has to offer and new records have been achieved regarding green loans , linked to sustainability: this is how more virtuous companies have begun to use greater economic resources in the creation of new jobs for young people and in the acquisition of human capital specialized in the green sector . In this context, the 2021 Unioncamere study on the employment needs of companies estimated that the demand for professional figures with green skills will fluctuate, by 2025, between 3.5 and 3.8 million units.

New green jobs: which professional figures will the market require?

The green professions of the future are linked to new emerging green skills , linked to energy saving, the environment, sustainability, the circular economy , environmental marketing and the Green Economy more generally. It goes without saying that the most sought-after professionals in the coming years are mainly identified in these areas of specialization. Here are some examples :

  • Sustainable energy expert
  • Environmental Marketers
  • Project manager in the green sector
  • Management figures linked to green financial products
  • Green project finance
  • Energy engineer
  • Environmental lawyer
  • Sustainability manager
  • Green accounting specialist
  • Expert in green investment funds
  • Commercial assistant for the promotion of new sustainable materials
  • Green purchasing manager

The green revolution is destined to affect all sectors of the economy and will affect not only emerging professions, but also existing occupations. Even in the agri-food sector, skills linked to eco-sustainability will acquire increasingly more value , such as attention to the efficient use of food resources, the reduction of waste and the use of quality zero-mile production. Companies will increasingly look for specialized professional figures of this type, to be able to adapt to the times and not to miss out on the opportunities that the continuously growing market will be able to offer INTERNATIONAL CAREER? STUDY ABROAD WITH DOUBLE DEGREE LUM

The jobs of the future between e-skills and integrated skills

The future that awaits us has the appearance of an ultra-dynamic world oriented towards innovation , sustainability and digitalisation : for this reason, success in the professions of tomorrow cannot ignore the possession of integrated transversal skills . To best accommodate the challenges arising from emerging professions , one is called upon from the first days of studies to embrace the inevitable need to evolve one’s way of thinking and acting: to do so, one will need to integrate one’s knowledge with new skills, to show oneself continuously permeable to the changing needs of the economic market . A study by the World Economic Forum on the future of work has indicated the main 10 skills of the future :

  1. Analytical thinking and innovation orientation
  2. Active learning
  3. Problem solving
  4. Critical and analytical thinking
  5. Creativity and spirit of initiative
  6. Leadership and social influence skills
  7. Technological, monitoring and control capabilities
  8. Technological design and programming
  9. Resilience, stress resistance, flexibility
  10. Advanced reasoning

E-skill mix: the new digital skills

Secondly, the report shows how the labor market in the future will be inevitably connected to digital transformation processes and the acquisition of integrated e-skills : the transition we are observing is the result of a series of epochal changes, deriving from the progress in the technological field , by the explosion of new data with which to observe the world and by the birth of new automated processes. To face a technology-driven future, it is necessary to possess a mix of new digital skills : the basic elementary skills, such as the use of internet technologies and communication and collaboration tools, must be accompanied by the ability to use mathematical languages ​​and methods -computer scientists, to create digital content and manage solutions in an innovative way, with an eye on cyber security. Have you already taken a look at our degree courses ?

Medical skills

At a national level, the medical and healthcare sector is experiencing a growing demand for healthcare and assistance skills, connected to a population that tends to age and to the adaptation of healthcare systems that has occurred in the post-pandemic period . Today’s society, in fact, is increasingly aimed at greater prevention and an increasingly widespread local medical service. The doctors of the future , including the general practitioner , will have to be competent not only from a technical-scientific perspective, but also prepared for the new cultural needs and new health needs of a rapidly evolving daily life, sensitive to the ethical and deontological principles of medical profession . DISCOVER THE MASTER’S DEGREE COURSE IN MEDICINE AND SURGERY Here at LUM University we offer three-year and master’s degree courses in the areas of study most requested by companies. Our study paths reflect the needs of the market and train the professional figures of the future destined for a successful career. Browse our website to discover the training offer  and contact us for more information. The future is now . In Puglia .

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