Living as an Introvert

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The world seems as if it was designed to be lived in by extroverts even though there are so many introverts who also live on earth. Sometimes introverts have to hide their identity when they are in the outside world. We are required to be good at adapting to the outside world even though the most comfortable place is our own home.

I’m an introvert who is sometimes mistaken for an extrovert. But with some of the introverted characteristics that exist in me and some of the results of the MBTI test that I did, everything shows that I’m an introvert. MBTI test results have shown I’m an INFJ.

When meeting new people, many people say I’m a quiet person. But that only happens in the first meeting, if I have met many times and feel connected, I will talk a lot and show randomness myself. Well, that’s because at the beginning I made observations, and then I was able to adapt. So forgive me if our first meeting was a bit awkward.

I like to analyze problems. Sometimes give advice or solutions to people who ask for help. But I even find it difficult to overcome my own issues and even close myself if my energy runs out. Actually, I prefer to be a listener, happy to give opinions to others about my thoughts. But if I want to tell a story and be heard, I’ll just tell it to the people closest to me. I’m often afraid of oversharing my personal life with people who aren’t close to me. And if that happens, I’ll keep thinking about it. If I have found people compatible with me, I will be very loyal. And I prefer small friendships but they mean a lot. I also have some extroverted friends and we can understand each other.

I like conversations that make me learn many things, meaningful talks about life and especially if it’s about religion, books, or research results. I also like random talks, about the funny things that happen in life, comedy, and the little things that are often overlooked but have a huge impact. I will avoid gossiping or telling bad things about others.

Because INFJs have strong emotional intuition and understanding, INFJs can speak softly and empathetically. Therefore I also like to use my energy to help others. I feel happy if I can be helpful and meaningful to others.

I tend to like to plan, organize, and make decisions for my life. Well, even though there are many things that cannot be controlled but still try to adapt. I always believe that every problem has a solution.

As someone with a social science educational background, I learned a lot about how to interact with fellow human beings. And I was quite adaptable because of that, started to brave my various fears, and became more confident. Like when I took responsibility as head of an organization, by facing my fears, I was still able to do public speaking in front of many people even though at first I thought I couldn’t. And I realized that self-confidence can be formed from experience and we can still interact well, especially if we become leaders.

By taking various kinds of opportunities that exist to gain experience and from that experience we will become stronger. Even though as an introvert it cannot be denied, our energy will be drained after meeting many people.

I recharge my energy by doing my hobby. Books and cats are also my best friends. Sometimes these two things also understand me the most. I also enjoy recharging by writing, watching comedy films, listening to podcasts, and cooking. Or if there is time, I prefer to visit quiet cafes or visit destinations that feature beautiful natural scenery and I can breathe fresh air. I don’t like going to crowded places like concerts.

In a work environment, I adapt by being an observer first. Observing other people’s customs, ethics, or culture. I am often misunderstood as an extrovert when I talk a lot about work so my co-workers find me easy to get along with. But I also apply boundaries so I can still feel comfortable as an introvert. On the other hand, it was difficult for them to guess about me because I was secretive when it came to personal matters.

As an introvert, maybe our heads are noisier than those around us, but there is always room for us to stay calm and peaceful. Don’t be discouraged if you are an introvert. To overcome overthinking, we can choose how to behave in our environment, filter what we consume on social media, and set boundaries. I realized that closed life makes us feel calmer and more grateful. We can choose to show what we need to show the world while still being ourselves.

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