Meta begins experimenting with the metaverse on Android


Meta does not abandon its metaverse project, on the contrary it relaunches it, focusing on Android.

The American giant has in fact opened the preview version, for selected users, of Super Rumble, a video game that is centered on the Horizon Worlds platform, the gateway to the metaverse of the former Facebook.

In recent months, access to Horizon World had remained exclusive to owners of Meta Quest viewers, with the aim of broadening the target audience.

    The move is therefore to bring Horizon World, at least in part, to a smartphone version. The preview phase will also be available in the web version, to play Super Rumble with your computer’s browser. How it works is very simple: the user is catapulted into an arena full of different weapons, to be used to try to eliminate other players online. Each round lasts a few minutes. The more you win, the more you level up, thus unlocking new skills and equipment. Everything is very similar, at least in terms of metrics, to video games made famous on mobile phones, such as Fortnite. Available in the Meta Quest app on Android, the game will also launch on iPhone in the coming weeks while the Super Rumble website is already accepting early access requests from users in the United States.

    Meta also announced that it will be launching more worlds in the coming months to give people a way to hang out, chat, and even enjoy free concerts in the metaverse, no matter what device they’re using. “The metaverse should be a democratic experience, useful to anyone, on any platform. And while Quest headsets are the most immersive way to access the metaverse, we believe there should be more entry points. Bringing the worlds to more surfaces is a step towards realizing that vision and opening up the experience to more people,” the company said. Since each device has a different interface, though, Meta had to optimize game controls like mute and pause for mobile devices and computers. It’s unclear how the experiences across platforms differ from each other, but Super Rumble on mobile and the web is still in testing, so players may encounter bugs and other issues.

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