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One woman too many. Story of a “singular” political life

Daniela Pellegrini’s book has finally been published. If there had not been women before us who questioned our condition and who wrote, spoke, fought so that we could return to being full subjects in the world we live in, the path towards liberation would not have begun.

This living book, rich in experience and thought, planning and creativity, female desire and autonomy, gives us thirty years of
absolutely original political practice from which we have much to learn.

To take stock of women’s politics in the light of her thought-practice.
To reopen a discussion that many have never closed, because even today there is, whether we admit it or not, a women’s issue and as then, only we women can resolve it.

Danila De Angelis will guide us in the presentation of the book with the experience of over twenty years of feminism, (Virginia Woolf Group B Center, Self-consciousness Group “S. Maria Goretti”, Femminist Coop. “Tre Ghinee”, Literacy courses for women immigrants “Border Women”, Video and research on the “Madonnare”, Roman women between the Sacred and the Profane Feminine, International Conference of Women Philosophers in Rome).

Daniela Pellegrini A non-gregarious thinker, free from patterns and easy intellectual fascinations, an experimenter not only with thoughts but with life choices, Daniela’s is a political testimony of life in which theory and practice, matter and thought intertwine. From the foundation in 1965 of the first Italian women’s group, the DEMAU (Demystification of Patriarchal Authoritarianism) at the Casa delle Donne in Via Col di Lana, a Milanese point of reference for the most radical women’s movement of the 70s, to the foundation with Nadia Riva in 1981 of the Cicip & Ciciap cultural club, a separatist space still active, from whose practice of life and relationships the magazine  Fluttuaria was born – Signs of autonomy in the experience of women , published from ’87 to ’94, Daniela is a voice out of the chorus of Italian feminism.

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