She defrauded half of Italy on, found in Fontaniva and now has to serve 3 years

The woman sold mixers and trailers online on one of the most famous sales portals. She collected the advance and then disappeared. Convictions hang over her from Calabria to Liguria

He had a sentence of 3 years and 4 months for theft and fraud. Now the agents of the Padua flying squad have carried out a provision for the execution of concurrent sentences, issued by the Prosecutor’s Office at the ordinary court of Rieti. She is a 32-year-old from the province of Padua, but formally resident in Cosenza, who will now have to serve her sentence and pay a fine of over 5 thousand euros for crimes committed between 2012 and 2017 between Padua, Cosenza, Genoa and Rieti.

The historian

The last presence of the woman in Veneto was detected at the end of 2020, when she was reported by a judicial sales institute in Vicenza for violation of seals and unauthorized occupation. In that case, some people in charge of the institute had had the need to accompany people interested in purchasing a foreclosed home, finding the lock replaced and the presence inside of about ten people, intending to occupy the property . Having received the news of the woman’s unavailability yesterday 9 December in Castrovillari (Cosenza), where the agents of the local police station had attempted to track her down, the mobile police immediately carried out some searches in the province, drawing information from some sources and finally managing to track her down in Fontaniva, in the province of Padua.Reported over time also for resisting a public official, receiving stolen goods, violating seals, threats, extortion, carrying weapons or offensive objects and driving without a licence, over the years the woman has been accused of several episodes of fraud, receiving definitive sentences from of the courts of Cosenza, Genoa, Rieti and the Court of Appeal of Venice. Several scams carried out on the well-known online sales portal “” have been traced back to her. After having concluded the sales negotiations with the victims interested in purchasing the goods (including trailers and mixers), cleverly convinced of the good deal proposed to them, the woman (also making use of some accomplices) managed to receive bank transfers, doing so immediately after to remove the ads and erase all traces, without obviously delivering anything. However, the payment was requested and obtained through postepay top-ups, of which the scammers themselves sent the details via text message (hence the few elements that made it possible to trace the identity of those responsible, including the woman).

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