The beautiful careers of two great cartoonists

The beautiful careers of two great cartoonists

Seventh appointment with our favorite column of favorite comics. Welcome to our home. Make yourselves uncomfortable.

This month we not only talk about beautiful comics but also about Beautiful Careers.

Beautiful Careers are something more than the world of comics. There are millions of icings on the cake of the creative existence of a comics author. And it’s something we discovered.

The first Beautiful Careers that we highlight are those of two bulldozers from our local comic strip. Today we talk about Massimo Mattioli and Francesco Tullio Altan.

The beautiful career of Massimo Mattioli

Massimo’s career is a plastic diamond locked in the chest of some alien king. Born and raised between the jaws of Cannibal and Frigidaire he was able to shape a pop universe severely governed by two despotic Gods: childhood and cruelty . Not a monotheism or atheism therefore, but a true bitheism.

bitheism that even found vent on the pages of the Catholic Il Giornalino with Pinky .

Pinky is a pink rabbit who is a photo reporter. A delightful character who should be forcibly tattooed on all people who decide to have a child.

Massimo is a bee – certainly robotic – capable of feeding on the nectar of the best and most diverse flowers of that enchanted garden that is visual communication.

His brain and his stories ground everything.

Imagine a porn-science-fiction-gore-animated film. If you can, you are imagining Massimo Mattioli’s career.

Here it is in six images:

We’re right, right?

The beautiful career of Francesco Tullio Altan

Altan, on the other hand, did not create a universe. He took ours and simply explained it.

He explained it all very well. Sometimes shoving umbrellas up some workers’ asses. Other times telling us that our Creator also had a superior. Others by making a red polka dot dog talk to an apple or a ball.

His characters – all with noses twisted in disgust – have gotten into all kinds of heads. Both in the soft ones of children and in the hard ones of adults.

His career is therefore also a masterpiece.

A career that we summarize in an absolutely hasty and non-exhaustive manner in these other six cartoons (which when we write these articles here, if we think about it too much, our hearts will catch fire).

At that time? Aren’t we right here too?

Last note

One last note. These two with these formidable things have supported the family.

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