The best and most in-demand careers of 2022.

The world of work has changed profoundly in recent years. Contributing to this change were various factors such as growing digitalisation and innovation, increasingly dynamic pace of life, as well as obviously the pandemic and the lockdowns resulting from it.

The world of work has had to face various critical issues in recent years. These obviously include the Covid-19 pandemic which has been dragging on worldwide for two years now, the health emergency and the restrictions put in place to contain infections, a general uncertainty and instability in the world of work and entrepreneurship, the economic crisis and the decline in consumption, as well as the increase in the need and cost of energy.

Despite the difficulties, however, the world of work expects to recover in 2022 with gradual growth which will obviously change depending on the reference sectors.

Finding a job in 2022 or starting an independent freelance career today requires strong adaptability, dynamism and transversal or highly specialized skills, as well as understanding the field in which you are entering.

Below we see some of the best jobs of 2022 and all the work careers that will be most in demand, profitable and popular in 2022 and in the years to come.


Digitalization is a process that affects every type of company operating in today’s market. The need for consultants specialized in technological and digital matters is therefore growing in 2022 .


Skills in the field of environmental sustainability are increasingly in demand, especially by companies that want to speed up their ecological transition or invest in a green field.

Look at the franchises in the Green Economy sector.


Energy is a good that will become increasingly in demand and expensive in the coming years. Therefore, those specializing in energy efficiency and renewable energy are particularly sought after job roles .

Discover the best franchises in the Energy sector.


Specialized doctors, healthcare personnel and nurses remain among the most requested job roles in recent years and for 2022 .

The best franchises in the health sector.


With the growth of online sales, the need for logistics and shipping workers such as express couriers, last mile couriers, or drivers for delivery activities grows.

Go to Shipping franchises.


The demand for specialized workers , technicians, machinery workers and plant operators is also growing strongly.


Experts in business automation and robotics remain among the most requested roles .


Cyber ​​security is an area in which there will be growing demand, especially from companies.


Privacy experts will also be increasingly in demand with technological advancement and increasing digitalization.


The data collection and analysis sector is an area in which there will continue to be high demand.


The demand for experts in social account management for companies is also growing.


Efficient communication on the web is essential for every company today. The demand for digital marketing experts is growing .

Discover Digital Marketing franchises.


Virtual reality , augmented reality and the metaverse are rapidly growing areas so there will be an increasingly greater need for workers specialized in these new technologies, in their development, design and management.


Artificial intelligence experts , as well as engineers specializing in the development of related systems, are also among the most in-demand jobs of the future.


With growing digitalisation, the demand for experts in the development, design and management of software , APPs and e-commerce websites is also growing .

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