The scam that is affecting here’s how it works and how to recognize it

Ad sites for making trades are one of the favorite places for scammers. In fact, the possibility of direct contact between buyers and sellers, without filters, makes it possible to implement scams of all kinds. Let’s see the latest scam technique spread on

Trading platforms have had a huge diffusion in recent years; In fact, their ease of use has attracted a very high number of users, allowing them to find any type of object. Often you can take advantage of excellent offers on used products, with great savings for the buyer and making sellers earn thanks to objects no longer used.

Unfortunately, however, these platforms were immediately taken over by scammers of all kinds . Taking advantage of the direct contact and often the naivety of people, they were able to carry out every type of scam : often with the use of imaginative mechanisms and hiding behind the name and prestige of the site.

Obviously, given its importance, is the scene of many attempts at malfeasance of this kind. The use of security mechanisms is often not sufficient : the site in fact indicates the methods to follow in order to purchase without falling victim to theft of money or goods.

Even Paypal , Elon Musk’s platform, has guaranteed an excellent barrier to many attempts at illicit actions; it has often been circumvented with more complex mechanisms. The latest scam spread on is a perfect example of this. In fact, the technique involves a triangulation that makes Paypal’s intervention useless, indeed harmful.

The method is this: the scammer puts up for sale an object that doesn’t exist , for example an iPhone 12, the same or very similar to another that is actually for sale. At this point he contacts the seller, saying he is interested and explaining that the payment will come from another person; this is passed off as a relative or someone who owes him money).

In the meantime he is contacted by a buyer interested in his iPhone 12 (which doesn’t exist); they agree on the purchase and the scammer has the payment made to the seller’s account . This receiving the money, sends the item, but to the scammer’s address. In this way, through the flirtatious object that doesn’t exist, he received the iPhone.

The many scams of buying and selling sites

The latest scam on uses triangulation where the scammer deceives two unsuspecting users –

In the scheme described, it is easy to imagine that the buyer, having paid for a product that he did not receive (because it was sent to the scammer), makes a complaint to Paypal, getting the sum back. But at this point the seller, unaware of the scam, will be held responsible for the scam.

So the scammer will have acted as an intermediary between buyer and seller, keeping the goods and disappearing. A sort of dropshipping where however the scammer intercepts the goods. A mechanism which, as in many scams, relies on non-communication between the parties (in this case, between the seller and the buyer passed off as a relative).

Unfortunately, this is only the latest among the scams spread on the internet, which are many and always new. Before this, the most widespread (and still used) is the ATM scam: the fraudster makes the seller make the payment via an ATM, making him believe that instead of making a payment, he is receiving it.

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