This is why I have never bought nor will I ever buy Apple products

Just the day before yesterday I watched the film about Steve Jobs and, even from the film, you can’t help but notice how the entire Apple/Mac/iOS system is a “closed” and blocked system because they want it to be that way.

Today I hear the news of the error53 on iPhones in case they are “tampered with” by unauthorized operators.


So we have closed hardware, in a closed system, which was previously complicated if not impossible to open, and which, instead, now if you open it it goes into permanent block (block which requires the intervention of an Apple Store for the forced replacement of the device – expensive replacement, obviously).


If I have to spend hundreds of € on a phone (that is…) and then I’m not even free to get my hands on it if it were necessary (change the screen, for example) then I really don’t want it! I mean, given as a gift I could accept it just to resell it. Otherwise I really don’t want it.

Their “excuse” is that if it is tampered with, security can no longer be guaranteed (for example with the fingerprint control integrated into the display), but it would be enough to disable this functionality in case… and therefore leave the choice to the end user .

eg: “do you want it to work as we expected it to and have a fingerprint sensor etc? then we’ll take care of the assistance! if you make others do it, then the sensor won’t work.”

But Apple, as we know, is not very “attentive” to the concept of “freedom”😕

The only thing I appreciate about Apple products is the design. Style in computer products, it is undeniable, exists thanks to Apple.

Having said that, I have never had and will never have – also and above all due to their eternal choice to create a system that is literally increasingly “armored” – an Apple, iPhone, or any other gadget/product with an Apple. This is certain.

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