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Top 5 back exercises for mass

Back muscles

My top 5 exercises when it comes to building a wider and thicker back:

Straight on pull-downs

It allows you to give a really good pump and contraction in my back so I can feel it more when I go into my other movements.

Mag grip pull-downs

Try to keep your elbows in as much as possible and get a full range of motion.

Chest supported t-bar

try to use the close attachment and keep your elbows in as you go up. If you do not have a machine try use a bar and position it on a corner while lifting the other end with weights.

One arm hammer rows

This is the classic seated rows but you can even use a bench and and dumbbells but the seated one gives you more grip.

Cable rows

This is the bread and butter of a back session. It allows to do a full movement and get a full back contraction.

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