Bono Vox performs in Ukraine

Bono Vox and The Edge give a special U2 acoustic show to the Ukrainian people and soldiers who take refuge in the Kiev subway

Historic surprise concert for Bono Vox and The Edge during the weekend. Indeed, the singer and guitarist of U2 performed in the Kiev subway , now a refuge against war, to support the Ukrainian people .

A little over a month ago, the leader of U2 had expressed his closeness to the population victims of the war and had written a poem in which he compared the Ukrainian president Zelensky to St. Patrick.

Bono and The Edge in the Kiev Metro

U2 have flown to Ukraine to lend their support to the population with a special performance inside the Khreshchatyk subway in Kiev , now transformed into a shelter .

Bono and The Edge performed an acoustic set lasting approximately 40 minutes in which they played some of the Irish band’s classics , such as With Or Without You , and covers such as Ben E King’s version of Stand By Me .

U2 were invited by the Ukrainian president Zelensky to make a show in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and Bono, who had already recently expressed all his esteem for Zelensky, didn’t hold back.

During the surprise performance, Bono also invited Taras Topolya and the members of the Ukrainian rock band Antytila ​​to duet with him who, since the beginning of the conflict, have put aside the role of musicians to transform themselves into soldiers.

Bono, The Edge and the Ukrainian band dueted on the notes of Stand By Me which, for the occasion, was transformed into ‘Stand By Ukraine’.

Among other songs played during U2 show in Kiev subway also Vertigo , Angel Of Harlem , Desire and Sunday Bloody Sunday .

During the performance, Bono said, “The Ukrainian people are not only fighting for their freedom, but for all of us who love freedom. We pray that you find peace soon.”

Bono Vox performs in Ukraine

Zelensky as Saint Patrick in Bono’s poem

A little over a month ago, on the occasion of the celebrations in the United States for the feast of St. Patrick , the patron saint of Ireland , the politician Nancy Pelos i read a poem written by Bono Vox.

The text written by Bono is a dedication that the U2 frontman made to Ukraine , indicating President Zelensky as a new St. Patrick .

Bono explained that, every year on St.Patrick’s Day , he sends Nancy Pelosi what he calls a ‘ limerick ‘, a humorous poem. This year, underlines the leader of U2, there is absolutely nothing humorous and amusing. Bono then expressed his closeness and solidarity with Ukraine and its leader, adding that the text should not have been made public but that, at that point, it was worth publishing.

Within the short poem written by Bono, the Irish singer tells of how St. Patrick chased away snakes , animals that represent the evil that man carries in his chest.

An evil that, he says, has come back to emerge from the darkness in some men. An evil that requires the intervention of a saint like St. Patrick who can drive back the snakes. Snakes are found in Ukraine today, and that saint is called Zelensky .



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