Developer Advocate

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About the job

What we are looking for?

  • We are looking for a Developer Advocate who would like to play with cloud-native technologies and build demos, integrations, sample applications resembling real-world use cases from them. You are someone who likes to try out open source projects even in the alpha stage.
  • Help adoption of cloud-native tech by building content – blogs/tutorials/technical guides/case studies etc.Ideally, you are an engineer by vocation but a writer at heart and can quickly express complex technologies in plain English.
  • You know at least one programming language well and are not afraid to hack around in other languages as needed.
  • You have some understanding/experience with the cloud ecosystem and basic familiarity with cloud-native technologies.
  • You have a strong understanding of Linux systems and a basic understanding of distributed systems.
  • Writing blogs, making videos, presenting at meetups & conferences in the APAC region is something you would love to do as your full-time job.

What you will be learning and doing?

  • InfraCloud has a few open-source products (BotKube, Fission) and a few more in the pipeline to be announced to the world soon. You will build demos, content, and integrations for these projects and present them at community events such as conferences and meetups.
  • Apart from InfraCloud open source projects – you will build similar demos and content for projects in the CNCF community which are of strategic importance for InfraCloud.
  • Work with other engineers and OSS project contributors to constantly keep learning about new OSS projects and new ideas.
  • You will learn CNCF cloud-native technologies as part of your job and will build an identity for yourself and the company.
  • You will get an opportunity to present to meetups and conferences in APAC. This will happen virtually for now but when the world opens up will also include some amount of travel.
  • You will be closely working with the CTO in building demos and go to market content for new open source products that will be launched and for existing product’s use cases.

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