Medical translator/proofreader

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About the job

Thousands of patients every day are not getting the healthcare they deserve due to one simple reason. These patients are not speaking the same language as their doctor or nurse. If patients and healthcare professionals can’t communicate, equal healthcare is not possible. With 7000 languages spoken around the world, increasing globalization and migration, this problem is only growing.

Care to Translate is an award winning social impact company that develops digital translation tools for the healthcare sector. We solve the problem of language barriers by offering state of the art products that delivers safe and efficient communication between healthcare professionals and patients.

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Care to Translate is expanding rapidly, and we’re adding new phrases as well as new languages to the app content. Every phrase is reviewed by translators with medical knowledge in order to ensure the quality of the medical terminology. Therefore we are specifically searching for multilingual speakers with medical education and competence (medical doctor, nurse, physiotherapist, dentist etc.). At the moment, we are NOT in need of translators without a healthcare education or extensive experience and vocabulary in the medical field.

Right now we’re only looking for speakers of: Somali, Tamil, Malay, Vietnamese and Southern Sami.

All translation and review work is of course compensated financially!

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