What are the best jobs in the world?

The perfect job doesn’t exist… or does it? Working is an activity seen, most of the time, as a necessity, but who says it can’t also become a pleasure? If you are intrigued or intrigued by this premise, continue reading, because we have compiled a list of the most beautiful jobs in the world and there is something for all tastes.

Beautiful works and where to find them

If you think getting paid to have fun or relax is impossible, perhaps this article will change your mind. The works we will talk about revolve around these elements:

  • food
  • drinks
  • books
  • video games
  • movie
  • trips
  • sleep
  • animals

The fields are varied and the positions very different from each other. Let’s look at these categories one by one below.

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If you like to eat and, in general, appreciate food, the careers we offer you now could be for you.

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Taster or female taster

Tasters, as the name itself suggests, taste food for work. From cheeses to cured meats, from cakes to pasta, their role is to establish and certify the quality of foods. Obviously, the complicated part is not to indulge in subjective judgments: in fact, the final opinion must be objective and the result of study.

To become a taster you need to follow a period of study, as well as have a natural predisposition (fine and trained nose and palate). The specialization courses are, among others:

  • sensory analysis courses
  • taste storytellers courses

There are also specific courses that focus on chocolate (to becomechocolate sommelier ).

Food editor

If you like eating and writing is among your passions, you might consider starting a career as a food editor. This figure, in fact, is responsible for transcribing on paper (or screen, in the case of blogs and magazines or online publications) one’s feelings towards the foods eaten.

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If you have never heard this term, we will explain it briefly: the mukbanger is the one who films himself while eating. Mukbang is a practice that originated in South Korea, but in recent years it has also become popular in the rest of the world. The more your videos are seen and shared, the more chances you have of attracting sponsors and, consequently, you will earn more.


As with food, drinks must also undergo strict controls. Therefore companies need specialized figures in tasting the drinks they produce.

  • Wine taster : this figure is often confused with that of the sommelier , but the purpose is different: the taster, in fact, is the one who gives technical judgments to wineries and identifies any problems in a winery. type of wine before it is finally put on the market. The sommelier, on the other hand, tastes the wines and identifies their characteristics in order to best match them with the dishes offered.
  • Beer taster : same job, but for all those palates who prefer beer to wine. In Camden Town, London, a brewery has also opened a position for “chief freshness officer”, literally “chief freshness officer”, a figure who is therefore responsible for certifying the freshness of the beers they produce.


If you like reading, here is the list of the most beautiful jobs in the world that is right for you: you will be immersed or immersed in the pages of books.

  • Reviewer or reviewer : this job will allow you to read all the books you want and express your opinion about them. Reviewers can write privately on blogs or in newspapers that also deal with literature.
  • Literary Scout : The literary scout career is one of many affiliated with the publishing world. Specifically, the task of the scout is to read unpublished novels (or other types of books) and then propose those that in his or her opinion are the best candidates for publication. In short, you can boast of having brought the next Nobel Prize for Literature to the shelves!
  • Editor : the role of the editor is one of the most sought after by reading lovers. His role is to “advise” the author. He deals with the correction of the text, problems regarding content, plot and form.

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Video games

Among the dreams of video game enthusiasts is that of being able to preview new titles. If this is your case, you might think about becoming a game tester , also called a video game beta tester . This role involves participating in testing sessions organized by the developer companies, during which players will have to report any system errors, bugs, glitches and, moreover, they will also be able to actively participate by giving advice for further developments.

We would like to underline how “playing” in this case is different from “testing”. When taking part in a testing session, in fact, the player must push the game to the maximum, in an attempt to identify any errors and therefore ensure that the game develops in the way intended by the developers .

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Are you passionate about cinema and TV series? Then we recommend you try becoming a tagger , otherwise called a ” creative editorial analyst “. This figure works within streaming companies, or similar, and his role is to watch films and series and then analyze them and assign “tags” to each content in such a way as to catalog each product in an increasingly specific way to give more personalized search results to the public.

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If you love travelling, two of the best jobs in the world for you will be those of a travel blogger and a travel influencer . Both figures are self-employed and are paid through sponsorships and similar methods. If you don’t know what the difference is between a travel blogger and a travel influencer, we’ll tell you about it below.

The travel blogger is he or she who travels and then reports his experiences, opinions and tricks to the public through a blog, which at the same time can be supported and helped by social media (highly recommended). Instead, a travel influencer is someone who travels and talks about their travels only on social media. In practice, this figure does not have his own personal platform, other than an account on third-party platforms.

Clearly, as with any profession, there are some basic requirements to be a good travel blogger or travel influencer:

  • Being good communicators : the blogger must have a capable and attentive pen; the influencer must know how to attract attention with captivating descriptions, for example in the case of posts published on platforms where it is possible to insert short texts, or know how to speak well on camera, in case the person works on social media that support video.
  • Be a good photographer and/or videomaker : both blogs and social media support the use of multimedia files; the quality of these must be high in order to win as many followers as possible. Attention to detail is important.
  • Knowing how to understand the needs of SEO : to do this job you also need to study, and the best ally of those who work online is certainly SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If you understand its mechanics, your posts and articles will be viewed much easier.
  • Knowing how to choose your target audience : selecting what is commonly called “niche” is important. Targeted content generates more traffic, while general content gets lost in the sea of ​​information contained on the web. We give you some niche content suggestions:
  1. Trips for a single person
  2. Traveling with children
  3. Luxury travel
  4. Low cost travel
  5. Adventure travel

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Sleeping between seven and eight hours is good for your health, as confirmed by clinical tests in many hospitals and research centers. If you get paid to do it, even better.

The job that allows you to earn money while sleeping is that of a mattress tester . The person suited to fill this role must have great tactile ability that allows them to provide adequate judgments in order to allow the improvement of the product. If you want to look for an even more specific job, then we suggest you look for a job as a luxury bed tester : more and more hotel companies are looking for this figure who, as the name suggests, tests mattresses in luxury hotels, to verify that they meet all the expected standards.


Finally, if you feel comfortable surrounded by animals, here are the most beautiful jobs in the world for you. Remember, however, that each of them has very specific requirements, including specific qualifications (degrees in veterinary medicine, biology, ethology, environmental sciences, etc.):

  • Flamingo Keeper : The job position is open at a resort in the Bahamas and the official title is “Chief Flamingo Officer”. The head manager must take care of all the flamingos present in the area.
  • Panda Guardian : Clumsiness is their forte, but pandas also hide a stubborn side. In Asia this figure is highly sought after and with a lot of dedication, patience and a lot of study, the job will be yours!
  • dog sitter: if you particularly like dogs, starting a business as a dog sitter is definitely an idea to take into consideration. The tasks of this figure are not limited to walking the dogs, sometimes owners ask the dog sitter to spend the entire day and/or night with their animal.

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