Work, the 5 most rewarding careers

From physiotherapist to firefighter: professions that allow you to help others, bond with colleagues and work independently are the most rewarding

I work the 5 most rewarding careers

In life, professional fulfillment matters a lot: a job that you are passionate about and a career in line with your strengths make you happy and fulfilled. But what are the professions that, according to experts, offer a higher level of satisfaction ? Here they are, according to research by science news outlet StudyFinds.


Physical therapists are experts in how the human body works and often help rehabilitate people with injuries or disabilities. One of the most rewarding aspects of this job is the chance to help others improve their health and resume daily activities: according to a PayScale survey , 90% of physical therapists believe their work has high importance to society . Furthermore, around 4 out of 5 physiotherapists would be very satisfied with their profession.


Firefighters are trained to deal with many emergency situations. “In addition to putting out fires, they intervene in various dangerous situations: although it can be a risky job , it can also be incredibly rewarding,” writes the Leaders website . According to  Science of People , firefighters are not only much loved by the population, but they are also part of a team: working closely with colleagues and risking their own safety together sometimes creates strong bonds , which often last a whole the life”.


“Teachers, in general, report being satisfied with their jobs, despite the severe shortage of financial resources devoted to education,” writes Forbes . “The profession continues to attract young idealists.” Teaching is a way to have a direct impact on the lives of others, starting from the early years.  Science of People  notes, in particular, the happiness of kindergarten teachers : they are happy because they help develop children’s personal, social and emotional skills and they can see their students grow.

Teaching assistant

Teaching assistants have many of the same duties as teachers and support them by supervising classroom activities and monitoring student progress. Despite the rather modest salary, they are often very satisfied with their work. According to the website , it is one of the most rewarding jobs. “Even though the pay is not that high (on average), the satisfaction is high because you work with the children and see them progress .”

Quality Control Analyst

Quality control analyst jobs are expected to grow significantly in the coming years. It might surprise you that testing products and systems to make sure they meet company standards is one of the most fulfilling professions, but analysts tend to be good problem solvers and have great attention to detail. Furthermore, as Wisestep writes , “they have the opportunity to work with colleagues and bosses independently.”

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