Alba white truffles

alba white truffle

Some of you are well aware how expensive truffles can be. They are consistently deemed to be, not just one of the best foods out there by some, but, one that, “must be had with certain meals” and as such, their price can skyrocket.

Then there are the alba truffles, which are the rarest of the bunch, and if you didn’t know, there are actually 28 different species of truffle that you can find in Italy where they are grown.

Why is alba truffle so expensive?

The main reason why the alba truffle is so special in price is that, unlike many other foods out there in the world today, you can’t grow truffles anywhere.

They are types of food that requires a very specific set of circumstances in order to grow, and even then you won’t know what kind you are getting until you actually find them.

There are those people who will literally train dogs to seek out these foods. Truffles need moist soil and tree roots to grow, and you cannot find truffles in too dark woods with too little light penetration.

Truffles are getting scarcer

To be able to grow truffles must exchange resources with plants, and these need sunlight for the process of photosynthesis. In turn they give nutrients to the truffles, also, as noted, the hunt to find these items is costly (especially if you train animals)

The higher demand and the increase scarcity of truffles makes this expensive food even more unaffordable for many people.

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