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Best Android TVs: buying guide (January 2024)

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You are looking for a Smart TV to better enjoy your favorite contents and access the most famous streaming apps and you have heard good things about Android TV , the operating system that brings the experience of the Google operating system, now widespread on smartphones and tablets. The latter seem like a good choice to you, even if you are not very knowledgeable on the topic. For this reason, you searched for information on the Internet and you came here, on my site.

That’s how it is, isn’t it? No problem: you’re in the right place! In fact, in this tutorial I will delve into the world of the best Android TVs , offering you a purchasing guide that will take various price ranges into consideration. I will not simply limit myself to listing the models that I consider most valid, but I will also provide you with information that will help you carefully choose the television that is right for you.

What do you say? Are you ready to delve into the Android TV market? From my point of view, yes, given that you’ve come this far and you seem to be in the mood for shopping, obviously carefully considering your choice. Having said that, there is nothing left for me to do other than wish you happy reading and happy watching (once you have purchased the television)!


Best Android TV quality/price

RCA RS32H2 32″See on AmazonTCL 32S5209 32″See on AmazonTCL 40S5401A 40”See on AmazonCHiQ L32G7L 32″See on AmazonMetz MTC6020 24″See on AmazonMetz MTC6110 32″See on AmazonNokia 24″ HD LED TVSee on AmazonRCA Smart TV 32″See on AmazonNokia 32″ TVSee on AmazonSony BRAVIA KD-32W800 32″See on Amazon

RCA RS32H2 32″

The RCA RS32H2 Smart TV is a 32-inch television that offers a wide range of advanced features. This model, equipped with LED technology, offers sharp and detailed images with a resolution of 720p and a refresh rate of 60 Hz.

The real strength of this TV is its connectivity. Being an Android TV , it has the most popular apps pre-installed such as Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video and Google Play Store. Furthermore, thanks to the integration of Google Assistant , you can control your television simply using your voice. Simply press the Google Assistant button on your remote to search for movies, TV shows, open apps, or control other smart devices in your home.

Another notable feature is Chromecast built-in . With it, you can easily stream photos, videos, music and other content from your favorite device directly to your TV. This feature makes the RCA RS32H2 an excellent choice for those who like to watch their favorite content on a large screen.

From a technical point of view, the RCA RS32H2 stands out with its triple image improvement . Thanks to DLED backlighting, 3D noise reduction and motion compensation technology, this TV offers consistent blacks and vivid colours, all with less power consumption.

The TV is also equipped with a wide range of connections, including three HDMI inputs, two USB inputs, an AV input, a mini-YPbPr input, an RJ45 connector, a coaxial output, a headphone output and a CI+ . This wide range of connection options makes the RCA RS32H2 extremely versatile and suitable for a variety of home setups.RCA RS32H2 Smart TV 32 inches (80 cm) 720p Android TV with Google Assi…See offer on Amazon

TCL 32S5209 32″

The TCL 32S5209 is a 32″ Smart TV with HD resolution, ideal for those looking for a small TV without sacrificing smart features and image quality. Thanks to its high definition resolution , this model offers sharp and detailed images , while the 60 Hz refresh rate ensures smooth viewing of content.

One of the most interesting aspects of this TV is the Android TV operating system , which allows you to access numerous apps and online services such as Netflix and YouTube. Furthermore, thanks to compatibility with Google Home, it is possible to control the TV via voice commands, making the user experience even simpler and more intuitive.

The design of the TCL 32S5209 is modern and minimalist, with a completely flat screen and a lightweight structure that easily adapts to any home environment. Connectivity is another strong point of this model: in addition to integrated Bluetooth, which allows you to connect wireless devices such as headphones and speakers, there is also the Chromecast function , useful for transmitting content from your smartphone or computer directly to the TV.

The audio of this Smart TV is guaranteed by Dolby technology , which ensures high quality sound performance and excellent rendering of dialogues and sound effects. Furthermore, the Micro Dimming function allows you to optimize the image contrast based on the different areas of the screen, further improving visual quality.TCL 32S5209 Smart TV 32” HD With Android TV, HDR & Micro Dimming, Black…See offer on Amazon

TCL 40S5401A 40”

The TCL 40S5401A is a 40-inch Smart TV that offers a high-quality viewing experience thanks to its Full HD resolution. This model, with its LED technology, ensures sharp and detailed images, making every viewing a real pleasure for the eyes.

One of the most notable features of the TCL 40S5401A is its full compatibility with HDR formats. Thanks to the Micro Dimming function , this TV is able to offer sharp contrasts and impactful visual effects. This technology improves image quality by adjusting the brightness in different areas of the screen, which results in deeper blacks and brighter whites.

Another strong point of this model is its Android TV operating system. With it, you have access to a world of online content, including the Google Play Store, Netflix, and YouTube. Additionally, the TV is compatible with Google Home , allowing you to control your TV with voice commands through Google’s virtual assistant.

In terms of design, the TCL 40S5401A stands out with its completely flat screen and its lightweight structure. Its contemporary design fits perfectly into any living environment, adding a touch of elegance to your space.

But it doesn’t end here. The TCL 40S5401A also has Bluetooth and Chromecast built-in. This means you can easily connect wireless devices to your TV and play content from computers and smartphones directly on your screen. Whether you want to look at your photos, listen to your favorite music or binge-watch your favorite TV series, this TV makes it easier and more convenient.

Finally, the TCL 40S5401A comes with a remote control and a user manual to help you make the most of all its features. Plus, it supports multiple languages, including Italian, English, German, French, and Spanish, making it an ideal choice for multilingual families.TCL 40S5401A, 40” FHD Smart TV with Android TV – HDR & Micro Dimming – …See offer on Amazon

CHiQ L32G7L 32″

The CHiQ L32G7L is a 32-inch Smart TV with Android 11, ideal for those looking for a small TV but with all the features of a modern smart TV. This model offers a frameless design, which allows for a larger screen and a sleek look.

The TV is equipped with LED technology and HD resolution (720p), guaranteeing sharp and bright images. Thanks to the HDR10 function , the colors are vivid and the contrast between the light and dark areas of the image is optimized, offering a realistic view of the contents.

One of the main features of this TV is the Android 11 operating system , which allows access to the Google Play Store, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Facebook and over 5000 apps available for use. Furthermore, thanks to the 2.4G/5G dual-band Wi-Fi, the Internet connection is stable and fast.

On the audio side, dbx-tv audio engineers have innovatively leveraged the digital audio signal processor (DSP) to tune and optimize each TV’s speaker, producing optimal sound quality.

The CHiQ L32G7L also supports Bluetooth 5.0 technology , allowing you to easily connect a Bluetooth mouse, keyboard, speaker or headset for an unlimited gaming and music experience.

One of the coolest aspects of this Smart TV is the integration with Google Assistant , which lets you quickly access entertainment, get video responses, control smart devices, and much more using your voice. Just press the Google Assistant button on your remote to get started.

The CHiQ L32G7L also offers a wide range of connections, including HDMI, USB and Wi-Fi, to easily connect external devices such as game consoles, Blu-ray players or soundbars. Additionally, the TV supports both wall and table installation, giving you flexibility in your choice of placement.CHiQ L32G7L, 32 Inch Smart TV, Android 11, HD, Frameless TV, Netf…See offer on Amazon

Metz MTC6020 24″

The Metz Smart TV MTC6020 is a high-quality home entertainment device, featuring a 24-inch LED display. This model, characterized by an elegant and modern design, offers Full HD (1080p) resolution which ensures sharp and detailed images.

One of the strong points of this television is certainly its operating system: Android TV 9.0 . Thanks to this platform, you will have access to a wide range of applications and streaming services such as Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube. You can then enjoy your favorite films, TV series and videos directly on your Metz Smart TV.

Another noteworthy feature is the presence of built-in Chromecast . This feature allows you to stream photos and videos from your local devices – such as smartphones or computers – directly to your TV. This way, you can share your favorite multimedia content on the big screen and enjoy it together with the whole family.

The LCD panel of the Metz Smart TV MTC6020 offers excellent image quality, with vivid colors and well-defined contrasts. The 60Hz refresh rate also ensures smooth, flicker-free viewing, ideal for action movies and video games.

Despite its compact size, this television does not give up rich connectivity. In fact, it is equipped with several HDMI and USB ports, which allow you to connect various external devices such as game consoles, Blu-ray players or hard drives.

The Metz Smart TV MTC6020 also stands out for its ease of use. The remote control included in the package is intuitive and well organised, while the user manual provides all the information necessary to make the most of all the features of the TV.Metz Smart TV, MTC6020, 24″(60cm), LED, Android TV 9.0, HDMI, USB, Black…See offer on Amazon

Metz MTC6110 32″

The Metz Smart TV Series MTC6110 is a 32″ (81 cm) television with HD LED resolution and cutting-edge features. This 2022 version offers Wi-Fi connectivity, Android 9.0 operating system, HDMI, ARC, USB inputs, CI+ slot and Dolby Digital support for a high-quality audio experience.The TV is equipped with a DVB-C/T2/S2 tuner to receive digital cable, terrestrial and satellite television signals.

The Metz brand, with over 80 years of experience in the industry, guarantees high-quality German design and technology. The Metz MTC6110 Smart TV offers a wide range of Internet services thanks to the support of Google Play Services Apps, allowing access to over 400,000 films and shows, the ability to transmit photos, listen to music and much more. Plus, there are over 5,000 apps available to meet the needs of the whole family.

The remote control included in the package features optimized keys with shortcut buttons, making operating the TV accessible and easy for every user. By downloading the “Android TV” app from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store, you can control the TV with your voice and share smartphone content on your TV thanks to the integrated Chromecast function.

One of the most interesting features of the Metz Smart TV MTC6110 is its borderless screen 4.0, which offers a more immersive viewing experience and a perfect balance between aesthetics and engineering. The dimensions of the product are 19P x 71.9L x 47.6H cm, with a refresh rate of 60 Hz to ensure smooth and sharp images.

The 720p HD resolution of the Metz Smart TV MTC6110 could be considered a limitation compared to models with Full HD or 4K resolution, however, for a 32-inch screen, the image quality is still satisfactory and suitable for those looking for a large TV contained and with good performance.Metz Smart TV, MTC6110 Series, 32″ (81 cm), HD LED, Version 2022, Wi-F…See offer on Amazon

Nokia 24″ HD LED TV

The Nokia 24-inch HD LED TV is a high-quality Android smart television that offers a host of advanced features. With an elegant and compact design, this model fits perfectly into any domestic or outdoor environment, thanks to the included 12V adapter, ideal for use in a camper, boat or caravan.

The beating heart of this TV is its Android TV operating system , which provides access to over 7,000 applications for streaming, music, gaming and much more. Among the supported streaming services we find Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Disney+ and many others, thus guaranteeing a wide choice of content for all tastes.

One of the most interesting features of the Nokia LED HD TV is certainly the voice control of the Google Assistant . With this feature, a simple voice command is all it takes to play your favorite videos on YouTube, stream the latest blockbusters, or find online information, from weather to news, on Google.

As regards reception of TV channels, the Nokia TV LED HD is equipped with a triple tuner for reception via digital terrestrial (DVB-T2), satellite (DVB-S2) or cable (DVB-C). This allows you to enjoy your favorite television programs with maximum flexibility.

Another noteworthy feature is Chromecast built-in , which allows you to easily cast content from your smartphone to your TV. This makes it even easier to share your favorite videos, photos or games on the big screen.

Finally, the Nokia LED HD TV comes with an ergonomic Bluetooth remote control with voice control and backlit buttons. Furthermore, it offers a number of smart connections, such as the CI slot for access to Pay TV and SatCR for connecting up to 8 receivers to a SatCR LNB.Nokia 24 inch (60 cm) HD LED TV Smart Android TV (12V camping…See offer on Amazon

RCA Smart TV 32″

The RCA Smart TV 32 Inch is a television that offers a number of advanced features, including Internet connectivity and access to a wide range of streaming services. This model stands out for its elegant and modern design, with a narrow frame that enhances the large 80 centimeter LED screen.

The heart of the RCA Smart TV is the Android operating system, which allows you to easily access platforms such as Youtube, Netflix, Prime Video and Google Play. Thanks to the presence of the Google Play Store, you can download your favorite applications directly to your TV. Furthermore, the integrated Chromecast function allows you to connect your mobile device to the TV and cast any type of content.

Another noteworthy aspect is the intelligent voice control . The RCA Smart TV comes with Google Assistant built-in, allowing you to control the television simply by speaking. You can change channels, adjust the volume, open apps and much more, all in a simple and intuitive way.

From an audio point of view, this Smart TV does not disappoint. It features built-in Dolby Digital Sound, which delivers rich stereo sound and immersive virtual surround sound. This advanced audio technology will give you an exceptional sound experience, making every viewing even more immersive.

The RCA Smart TV also offers a number of connectivity options, including HDMI, USB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This means you can easily connect a range of devices to your TV, further expanding its functionality. Additionally, the model comes with a tripod mount, but is also compatible with VESA wall mounting (100*100mm), making it suitable for any environment, from the kitchen to the bedroom or small living room.RCA Smart TV 32 Inch (80cm) HD Televisions Android TV Triple Tuner Do…See offer on Amazon

Nokia 32″ TV

The Nokia 32 inch, 80 cm, HD LED Smart Android TV is a high-quality product that offers a wide range of advanced features. This TV stands out for its Android TVTM operating system , which offers access to over 7,000 applications for streaming, music, games and much more. Thanks to this feature, you will have a world of entertainment available directly on your screen.

One of the most interesting aspects of this model is its compatibility with various streaming services. In fact, the Nokia 32 inch supports Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Disney+ and many other services. This means you can enjoy your favorite movies, TV series and music videos in high definition, right from your living room.

Another notable feature is Google Assistant voice control . With a simple voice command, the smart assistant can play your favorite videos on YouTube, show you the latest streaming blockbusters, or find online information, from weather to news, on Google. This function makes using the television extremely convenient and intuitive.

The Nokia 32 inch also features a triple tuner , allowing you to receive your favorite TV channels via digital terrestrial (DVB-T2), satellite (DVB-S2) or cable (DVB-C). This gives you great flexibility and allows you to tune into a wide range of channels, regardless of your preferred reception method.

Finally, this model comes with Chromecast built-in , allowing you to easily cast content from a smartphone to your TV. This means you can share your videos, photos and favorite apps directly on the big screen, making the viewing experience even more immersive.Nokia 32 inch, 80 cm, HD LED Televisions Smart Android TV, Netflix, …See offer on Amazon

Sony BRAVIA KD-32W800 32″

The Sony BRAVIA KD-32W800 is a 32-inch Smart TV that offers HD Ready image quality thanks to its LED technology. This model stands out for its ability to support various Internet services such as Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, YouTube and a built-in browser, making it an ideal choice for streaming lovers.

One of the main features of the Sony BRAVIA KD-32W800 is its BRAVIA Engine , which guarantees extraordinary images in every situation. This exclusive Sony technology optimizes the colors, sharpness and contrast of the image, offering a more realistic and immersive vision.

Plus, the Live Color feature further improves picture quality, providing vivid, natural colors in everything you watch on this TV. This feature, combined with the 720p resolution and 60Hz refresh rate, ensures a smooth and detailed viewing experience.

Another aspect worth mentioning is the USB HDD REC functionality . This feature turns your TV into a digital recorder, allowing you to record your favorite programs directly onto your USB drive.

Android TV integration expands your entertainment possibilities, allowing access to a vast catalog of apps and multimedia content. Plus, advanced voice control makes using your TV even easier and more intuitive, allowing you to watch movies and shows from apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video or stream them in an instant.

From an aesthetic point of view, the Sony BRAVIA KD-32W800 features an elegant and minimalist design. Its overall dimensions are 7.8P x 73.3L x 44.2H cm, making it suitable even for limited spaces. Furthermore, the presence of the pedestal offers extra stability to the television, ensuring safe positioning.Sony BRAVIA KD-32W800 – 32 inch Smart TV, HD Ready LED, HDR, Android…See offer on Amazon

How to choose an Android TV

Before explaining in detail which are the best Android TVs of the moment, I think you might be interested in knowing more about the aspects to take into consideration to make a well-considered purchase.

Panel type, diagonal and resolution

Android TV

The main aspects to take into consideration when purchasing a television are panel type, diagonal and resolution. These are the “basic” characteristics of the product, those that influence the user experience most of all.

The type of panel affects visual quality and consumption . There are essentially 4 types of screens when it comes to the world of Android TVs: LCD , LED , OLED and QLED .

LCD and LED panels are fundamentally based on the same technology: the difference lies in the fact that the former use fluorescent lamps for backlighting, while the LED ones use LEDs. This latest technology guarantees low energy consumption and allows screens to be made lighter and thinner . In light of what has just been said, the vast majority of TVs currently on the market in the medium and low range belong to the LED category (LCDs are now very few).

For more demanding users there is OLED technology , which turns off the LEDs when necessary to guarantee absolute black representation . This also allows you to further reduce consumption. The only thing to take into consideration is that these televisions generally have higher costs than those that have an LCD and LED panel.

The QLED panels , which use the technology also known as Quantum Dot , feature a backlight based on microcrystals , which guarantees better color rendering , as well as pretty good results even in particularly bright environments .

QLED panels have a much higher maximum brightness than OLED ones and do not suffer from burn-in , the problem also known as “ghost image”. Simply put, once you leave a fixed image on the screen for a while, the TV can’t make it disappear completely.

However, keep in mind that QLEDs also have disadvantages compared to OLEDs. In fact, the former do not have absolute blacks, as there is a LED backlight matrix. This means that there is also greater consumption. In addition to this, OLEDs often have better response times , refresh rates and viewing angles than QLEDs.

In short, it is good to keep in mind all the various advantages and disadvantages of the various technologies. In any case, if you are interested in QLED televisions, you should know that in reality the Android TV market only presents a few solutions of this type.

More precisely, given that Samsung uses its own Tizen OS operating system , the only manufacturer that makes Android TVs with QLED panels is TCL . The first QLED televisions with Android TV were announced in 2019, but in Italy it all started with the C71 series which arrived in 2020.

For completeness of information, it is also right to let you know that there is also another type of panel on the market, namely the now outdated plasma , which has high consumption and heats a little too much for today’s standards.

This type of panel is practically no longer found, especially in the Android TV field, but it was right to let you know of its existence.

Moving on to the diagonal , in this case everything depends on your tastes and needs. There are many cuts on the market, typically from 32 inches to 85 inches (but you may also find smaller or larger ones).

Some prefer screens with smaller diagonals, also due to the limited space in the home , while others want to create rooms to watch TV properly and therefore aim for particularly large panels. The choice is up to you.

However, as far as resolution is concerned , nowadays there are mainly 4K panels (3840 x 2160 pixels), which is also the resolution I recommend you aim for. Going down in price you can also find Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) or at most HD Ready (1280 x 720 pixels or 1366 x 768 pixels).

Here it depends on how much you want to spend, if you have a particularly small budget you could settle for HD Ready, but my advice is to at least aim for Full HD , so you can have a satisfactory viewing quality. Also because now between streaming platforms and video games, there is a lot of content available in Full HD. 4K ones are growing rapidly, but they are not yet widespread.

However, going up the price range you reach 8K ( 7680 x 4320 pixels): if you are a particularly demanding user, you might think about aiming for this particularly high resolution. However, keep in mind that it will take many years for it to actually catch on (as mentioned, 4K is still “fighting” to establish itself, and has been available for years!).

Supported standards and number of inputs


Every self-respecting television supports a large number of standards and has various ports useful for the most varied uses.

More precisely, the technical data sheet of these products generally refers to acronyms such as DVB-T2 , which indicates support for new generation digital terrestrial, and DVB-S2 , which refers to televisions that have satellite tuning. I also advise you to check that there is support for the HEVC/H.265 codec , as the new generation digital terrestrial will also make use of the latter.

In any case, it’s good to just take a look to check, but there shouldn’t be any particular problems with these standards. In fact, since 2017 all televisions sold in Italy must by law support the DVB-T2 standard. If you want to learn more about the topic, you can refer to my tutorial on how to understand if the TV is DVB-T2 .

You may also be interested in taking image and audio quality standards into consideration. I am referring, for example, to HDR (High Dynamic Range), Direct Full Array and Dolby Digital Plus . The first technology improves the depth of contrast and colors and guarantees a more realistic brightness spectrum, while Direct Full Array refers to the quality of the backlight, the anti-reflection filter and the technologies used for the contrast ratio. A standard like Dolby Digital Plus, on the other hand, affects audio quality.

For the rest, if you are a gamer there are also other parameters that you might be interested in taking into consideration. In fact, some high-end TVs have HDMI 2.1 support . In reality, there is no single certification for this standard, but individual certifications are issued for the functions linked to it.

For this reason, it is possible to find televisions on the market that only support some features but not others. I refer, for example, to VRR (variable refresh rate), DSC 1.2 (which affects the maximum color depth) and ALLM (automatic low latency gaming mode). These features may come in handy if you have a ninth-generation console, such as the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series Among other things, the latter aim for a refresh rate of 120 Hz . Simply put, if you are a gamer, keep these standards in mind.

As regards the number of inputs, however, it is a good idea to check that the TV has a sufficient number of HDMI ports , useful for example if you want to connect external devices. I am referring, for example, to Blu-Ray players , TV boxes and video game consoles . You may also be interested in the presence of USB ports , for example to use flash drives .

If, however, you are interested in using a soundbar or headphones, you may need the optical audio output and the 3.5 mm audio jack . Finally, I remind you that pay TV services may require the use of the Common Interface Plus slot (also known as CI+ or DVB-CI/DVB-CI+). For more information, you can refer to my guide on how to insert the CAM .

In short, before proceeding with the purchase, it is good to understand carefully whether the television has all the standards and inputs that can be useful to you.

Non-certified TVs and app support


An aspect that many underestimate is that relating to the various certifications that Android televisions have.

In fact, you should know that not all models on the market have the necessary certification and can correctly reproduce content on streaming platforms such as Netflix , Amazon Prime Video and Infinity , which could therefore be seen in low resolution (on Netflix) or be completely inaccessible due to DRM problems (Infinity).

Simply put, to be able to view the contents of streaming platforms correctly (and also use other apps without problems) your TV must have, in addition to a panel with the right resolution, a specific certification. For this reason, it is a good idea to look for a valid, branded and not too cheap TV , so as to be sure of being able to watch the contents at the highest quality.

My advice is to aim for televisions that are officially compatible with the various streaming platforms . For example, on the official Netflix website the brands Xiaomi , Panasonic , Sharp , Toshiba , Philips , Vestel and Sony are recommended (I have only listed those that sell Android TV).

Unfortunately, it is not very easy to understand which models allow the best viewing experience on Netflix and similar platforms, but generally it is a good idea to aim for the aforementioned brands or in any case for televisions that have buttons dedicated to apps on the remote control : an aspect that guarantees a certain amount of attention from that point of view.

Another thing to take into consideration is that some low-cost televisions may also not guarantee satisfactory performance with many apps, as the hardware sector may not be able to run all the applications properly.

In short, the invitation is to pay a little attention to low cost proposals and to inform yourself thoroughly about these aspects before proceeding with the purchase.

Other specifications to take into consideration

Refresh Rate Android TV

In addition to the aspects I listed above, there are also other specifications that you may be interested in taking into consideration.

  • Refresh rate : represents the refresh rate of the images on the screen. Measured in Hz, the higher it is the smoother the image. Generally we start from 50 Hz, but gamers know well that you can also reach higher values ​​(such as 120 Hz);
  • Energy consumption : many people use their television for many hours every day. For this reason, it may be useful to take a look at the energy class. Class A+++ is the best, while class D is the worst;
  • Brightness : expressed in nits, the maximum brightness value is a parameter that could certainly interest you when choosing a television;
  • Contrast : expressed in the formula x:1, represents the brightness ratio of a white image compared to a black one;
  • Viewing angles : the maximum angle from which you can see the image represented on the screen without distortion. Definitely useful if every now and then you watch TV from a “secluded” position;
  • Google Cast support and similar : These are technologies that allow you to cast content wirelessly to your TV. For more details, you can check out my tutorial on how to connect your cell phone to your TV .

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