Apple: an incredible story behind a brand that changed the world


We cannot fail to know, even if only by hearsay, the Apple brand. But who are we kidding! We all know it much better than “just by hearsay”. Even if we don’t own them, we are all aware of what Apple devices are – like never having seen an iPhone! – and, above all, we are aware of the enormous success that all Apple ideas seem destined to have.

But where does this success come from? By retracing the history of one of the most famous brands in the world, is it possible to extract the secrets of its great glory?

Myths and legends have arisen around the history of Apple and its founder, Steve Jobs… how many of them are true? In this article, we want to retrace the true history of Apple, dispelling false myths, confirming those, and going in search of that element, if it exists, which was the key to its success.

The dawn of Apple

One of the many myths surrounding the Apple brand is that one of the most powerful companies in the world started its business in a garage. Well, it’s all true. What we often forget is that Steve Jobs wasn’t the only founder of the company . Steve Wozniak was the co-founder, and to be honest, we owe it to him, and not to Jobs who was more concerned with marketing and sales, the creation of the prototype of the Mac, or if we want the personal computer.

Jobs’ intuition

If Wozniak was the one who knew about computers, Jobs was the one with the ideas and intuitions . Computers – we are in the 70s – were large and complicated machines, which only a few experts were able to use.

Jobs asks Wozniak to create a small computer that can be used by anyone in their home.

Unfortunately, Jobs wasn’t the only one who had this idea. While he developed Apple I, II and III, IBM launched the first personal computer and conquered the market.

We can therefore well say that the story of the most incredible company in the world was born with a failure.

The Lisa and Mac computers

The search for ease of use will lead Apple to the invention that revolutionized the history of the personal computer: the graphic interface and the mouse .

Before that, to interact with the computer, the user had to write command lines, the meaning of most of which was unknown.

With the Lisa and Mac computers, however, users had icons in front of them that they could click with their mouse but, above all, they no longer needed command prompts and lines of code to write.

The Lisa computer was still priced too high, but the Mac caused the revolution! Apple was starting to become what we know today.

Vintage Apple Mouse

The Lisa and Mac computers

We arrive at one of the most incredible steps in Apple’s history. In 1985, Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, due to differences of opinion with the rest of the board of directors, was forced to leave the company and the empire that he himself founded.

But Steve Jobs isn’t one to feel sorry for himself. Rolling up his sleeves, he founded NeXT, a company that developed hardware and software with the aim of creating the best personal computer possible.

In 1996, Apple purchased NeXT for 400 million dollars: thus, Steve Jobs returned to Apple, and did so as a winner!

Apple: one revolution after another

How did relations with the board of directors go after Steve Jobs returned to Apple? We cannot know the details; However, we can guess that the differences in views have been resolved. Indeed, it seems that it was Steve Jobs’ vision, from then on, that determined the history of Apple.

Because the history of Apple, from the late ’90s onwards, has been the history of technological devices in general . It was Apple that dictated the development that also led all competing companies to develop all the devices we know today.


In 2001, Apple launched the first iPod. A small, compact, beautiful device on which users could load all the music they wanted and listen to it wherever they wanted.


The biggest revolution was that of the iPhone . Apple was the first to conceive the smartphone as we know it today: a device that connects to the mobile network (calls and internet), equipped with a camera, and with an operating system on which you can install apps as you like.

With the iPhone, in addition to making calls, you could do practically everything. It’s no exaggeration to say that the iPhone has literally transformed the world.


Today the market is full of Bluetooth headphones that don’t fall out of your ear even while running, but the first model was, needless to say, the Apple one!

From 2011 onwards

The history of Apple, from 2011 onwards, continues without Steve Jobs, who resigns for health reasons. His place as COO of Apple was taken by Tim Cook who still leads the company today.

Apple’s leadership in technology has not waned; on the contrary, it actually seems to be growing. The vision behind Apple’s development is still that of Steve Jobs: the search for perfection in every detail, a fluid experience of use, the beauty of the object as well as attention to performance.

To this day, the Apple brand remains a strong and innovative icon. The motto ” Think different ” is intensely lived through its products as we wrote in our articles on iOS or Macs .

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