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Every year, the Great Place to Work Institute analyzes the best companies in the world to work for , i.e. those that have been able to adapt to the great changes of recent times by giving priority to care, inclusion and listening to their people. 

For years we at Reverse have also been included in the GPTW ranking and we are proud of it, because it is not only recognition for the work done in looking after our resources, but also an opportunity to learn about our strong points and our margins for improvement. Participating in initiatives of this type is a concrete commitment to make the life of resources in the company more pleasant every year and to ensure that your Employer Branding is a continuously evolving path.

Since we are still talking about business, it is interesting to point out that all initiatives aimed at the well-being of collaborators have direct consequences on turnover : in the last ten years there has been an annual increase of almost 13% for organizations that have entered the Great ranking Place to Work, further demonstrating the impact that the environment and company culture can have on business .

In this article we discover which are the best companies in the world and in Italy, and what actions are implemented to improve well-being within the organizations themselves. We will then conclude with our experience. 

  1.  The best companies in the world to work for
  2.  The best companies to work for in Italy
  3.  The best companies for women
  4. Real cases of Great Place to Work companies


1. The best companies in the world to work for

To create these rankings, the main analysis tool is listening to the people who work in the organizations taken into consideration: they are the ones who award their company the Great Place to Work recognition through an anonymous survey which allows the organizational culture of the companies to be assessed. businesses. 

In parallel, the work environment is also analyzed by observing personnel management policies and, at the end of these analyses, a score is given to each company. 

Among the factors considered to create the rankings there is also the Trust index , i.e. the value related to the trust of individual collaborators towards their employer. 

The purpose of these awards is therefore to identify companies with a corporate climate and culture that motivate people to give the best of themselves, with a positive impact on the business and from an E mployer Branding perspective , thus being more attractive in the eyes. of the best talents. 

These are also the organizations that were best able to deal with the now famous Great Resignation , that phenomenon of mass resignations that is revolutionizing the job market in the last two years, even in Italy. A trend that especially concerns workers between the ages of 30 and 45 who, thanks to the pandemic, have begun to rethink the role of work in their lives in search of a better work-life balance .

Drumroll then: according to the Great Place to Work Institute, in 2021 the best companies in the world were the following:1. DHL Express
2. Cisco
3. Hilton
4. AbbVie
5. Salesforce
6. 3M
7. SC Johnson
8. Amgen
9. SAP
10. Roche

These are obviously just the first ten: if you are interested in scrolling through the complete list you can find it on the Great Place to Work website .

For 2022, Great Place to Work has also already published on its website the 100 Best Companies to Work For selected by Fortune magazine, i.e. the best companies on American soil.

The companies that are most attentive to their staff have therefore been able to orient themselves and adapt to the challenges of today’s workforce, adopting a holistic vision to support their people throughout their lives , that is, also in their private, family and social dimensions. 

And, above all, they acted concretely . They have focused less on general policies and have implemented tangible actions to really help people : for example, they have introduced or implemented their own measures of mental and health assistance, assistance for the elderly and parenting (one of the aspects which we have also paid particular attention to in Reverse) and have facilitated remote working. In short, few words and many facts.

These characteristics are certainly part of the DNA of those companies that have obtained another important recognition, namely that given by the Top Employers Institute which every year rewards the best companies according to criteria regarding digitalisation, staff well-being, diversity, inclusion, implementation of agile working and various HR best practices to improve life within the organization. In 2022, 11 Top Employers were selected globally:1. British American Tobacco
2. Boehringer Ingelheim
3. DHL Express
4. DHL Global Forwarding
5. Infosys
6. JTI
7. Pepsico
8. Philip Morris International
9. Saint-Gobain
10. Takeda
11. TATA Consultancy Services

We therefore see that, by changing some evaluation criteria and the people interviewed, some of the companies that appear at the top of the list of the best places to work can also change. 

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