Can AI Replace Writers?

paper with "Artificial Intelligence" written on it

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

I have been hearing about artificial intelligence going to replace writers, artists, and creators all around the world. Some creatives are even concerned as they would now be struggling to keep up with the current trends. I am here to share my perspective — as a writer and as a business person.

What is exactly AI?

Artificial Intelligence (not so intelligent at all) is software that makes it easy for you to make a blog post, book, or artwork within a few minutes. You just feed in some keywords and that’s all! I won’t say that the end result is bad, but it couldn’t be compared with the original ones.

Is using AI legit?

Some marketplace accepts it, some don’t. You have to check them individually. Even if they say yes, you should still be cautious about using it. Because there will be some who will upload AI-created works daily on the platforms, spamming it. And then the platform will have more strict rules, which we won’t ever read.

Who uses AI?

In writing, I have seen only ghostwriters using it. I have met very few ghostwriters using AI for it. And they publish it on various marketplaces (I cannot say this about Amazon KDP as they are really strict about it. Check their website and forum if you are planning to use it.)

My advice will be not to use AI for your Amazon KDP. Because once terminated, it’s a little difficult to get the account back. In most cases, you couldn’t.

Most writers and bloggers are using AI to generate good SEO articles.

I am mostly into fiction so for me, AI is not worth it.

But if you are into non-fiction or just want to write for your blogs and hardly find any time then this will be the best tool you can use.

Will AI replace writers?

Will AI be able to write books and articles that can draw in human emotions and experiences like we writers can do?

Definitely not.

Writers who don’t use AI will have to work more because even their good work will be lost in the ocean of AI-generated content. This is going to happen. But replacing writers completely? Nope. Never.

There are various softwares out there and they are progressing and becoming more mature every single day. I cannot say this for the future but for now, we still have time.

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