Four crypto-billionaires die in the space of a month: conspiracy theories spread in the community

In the last two months of 2022, four crypto-billionaires were found mysteriously dead: the community hypothesizes a conspiracy connected to FTX

Four crypto-billionaires die in the space of a month: conspiracy theories spread in the community
  • The deaths of four crypto-billionaires in a single month has attracted the attention of the community. The deaths occurred under suspicious circumstances, and 
    some of these individuals had even reported being in danger :

    The death spiral began in October 2022, when  Nikolai Mushegian, co-founder of MakerDAO , was found dead on a Puerto Rican beach just hours after tweeting that intelligence agencies were looking for him . Billionaire broker Javier Biosca died on November 22 in Estepona, Spain. At the time, Biosca was under investigation for the largest crypto fraud ever committed in Spain.

    On November 23,  Tiantian Kullander, co-founder of Amber Group , mysteriously died in his sleep. Just two days later, Russian crypto-billionaire Vyacheslav Taran died in a helicopter crash.

    On December 30, there was also another accident related to the cryptocurrency sector: Park Mo – vice president of Vidente, the largest shareholder of the South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb –  was found dead  in front of his house.

    These consecutive deaths have fueled several conspiracy theories in the community.  One user commented : “ It seems like the cryptocurrency world is taking inspiration from the mafia. ”

    In a joking message, a top user pointed the finger at central banks : ” I definitely wouldn’t bet on the deaths being linked to the central bank hierarchy. It’s impossible, the banks are very reliable. 100% impossible. “

    There are those who have instead questioned the veracity of the news , although four deaths in one month are decidedly suspicious. On Reddit, some speculate that these individuals aren’t dead at all : ” I wonder how many of them just faked their deaths. ” 

    “If I were a conspiracy theorist, I would say that they are now living under false identities in gigantic villas, somewhere like Montenegro.”

    The crypto-community is often fascinated by conspiracy theories. Recall for example the case of the late CEO of the QuadrigaCX exchange , who mysteriously disappeared during a visit to India.

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