Google down! What is going on

Sudden downtime on Google servers: Gmail, YouTube, Google Docs and many other services are not reachable and the causes of the problem are unknown.

Sudden problem on Google servers. In these minutes many of the group’s servers are not reachable from Italy, but it is not clear what could have happened. Both the Google Cloud Status Dashboard and the Google Workplace Dashboard, in fact, do not yet report any malfunctions, but the reality is that Gmail, Google Docs, YouTube and other services return an “Error 500”. 

This is certainly not a common occurrence: isolated malfunctions are clearly part of the order of things, but a similar case, with a down spread across all the servers, is something unprecedented

Google down: what happens?
The problem seems to involve all services, including Google Play from which you can download Android apps, as well as Google Hangounts and Google Meet for communications.

In the meantime, one of the first side effects is the interruption of distance learning: the collapse of Classroom suddenly prevented access to existing communications and lessons were interrupted everywhere instantly.

Update 1.19pm
Google confirms the problem on all its services with a message of this type:

We are aware of an issue with Gmail affecting a majority of users. Affected users are unable to access Gmail. We will provide an update by 12/14/20 1.12pm with details on when this issue will be resolved. Please note that resolution time is a prediction and may change.
At the moment the update is not yet available, but at least there is acknowledgment of the problem and confirmation of the fact that it involves all of Big G’s services.

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