How Amazon changed our lives from A to Z


It was 1994 when Jeff Bezos launched what was then called Cadabra and was a simple online bookstore. Almost 30 years later, the name has become Amazon , the offer no longer includes only books and its founder is the richest man in the world. Our lives, thanks to this platform, have changed.

Jeff Bezos
Jeff Bezos in the garage where it all began, in 1994. Source: facebook

A real search engine

Perhaps not everyone knows that Amazon, as well as an e-commerce site , is in all respects a search engine , often preferred to Google . This applies, of course, to physical products: no one would think of searching on Amazon for information on the weather or the name of the winner of the latest Sanremo festival.

However, searching for products directly on the platform makes sense. In fact, even starting from Google, Amazon appears among the first results. The chances of clicking on the proposed link are therefore high.

Amazon search bar
The Amazon search bar that many users use to directly search for products. Source: Amazon

Another reason that drives users to conduct their research on Amazon is that the latter often has competitive prices . Instead of searching for the desired product online, therefore, consumers head towards the platform they deem most convenient.

From A to Z, literally

Usually the expression “from A to Z” is used to indicate something complete. A set that includes everything, from the first to the last letter of the alphabet. The same happens on Amazon: the arrow in the logo connects, not surprisingly, the letters A and Z.

Amazon logo
The iconic Amazon logo with the arrow connecting A and Z. Source: investing today

In fact, you can buy everything on Amazon. From clothing to electronics, through books, furniture, accessories and personal care products. And even food and drinks.

If it were a physical store, it would probably be a multi-story mall. This is because, in addition to selling everything, Amazon also has a huge choice . For each product category, there are hundreds of alternatives on the most famous e-commerce site in the world.

Amazon stores are already a reality: without checkouts, you pay via your account. Source: dday

What elements make Amazon the first e-commerce in the world

With growth of nearly 80 % year-on-year , Amazon is the leading online retailer globally. A record built year after year, and achieved thanks to some elements that distinguish it.

Amazon package
The unmistakable Amazon package. Source: impresaincampo
  • Fast deliveries : within a few days of placing the order, the ordered package arrives at your home or in one of the many collection points, another service offered by Amazon;
  • User reviews : who better than other customers to give their opinion on a product? The judgment of others is important, also and above all in online purchases;
  • Possibility to return : having the possibility to return the product if you are not satisfied is an incentive to purchase. In fact, the customer has the certainty that, in the event of problems, he will obtain a full refund of the amount spent.

At this point a clarification is necessary: ​​the elements just described are not exclusive to Amazon. On the contrary, they are increasingly widespread in all e-commerce. Amazon, however, has made these elements one of its strong points, exploiting them to gain the trust of customers.

The Prime world

A special mention must be made for the Prime program , which over the years has gone from being a “simple” fast delivery service (guaranteed within 24 hours) to being an aggregator of different services. In fact, today it includes, in addition to the possibility of receiving orders in a few hours, Amazon Prime Video,  Amazon Music and Amazon Prime Reading , dedicated respectively to films/TV series, music and ebooks.

Amazon Prime Video
The Amazon Pirme Video offer. Source: Amazon

The main strong point in this case is simplicity: a single subscription allows you to use the different services. To receive a package quickly, see a film, listen to new music releases or read a book in digital format, all you need is an Amazon Prime account.

Amazon at your fingertips

In almost 30 years, Amazon has changed the way we shop. In fact, we know that on the platform we will find – almost always – what we are looking for at a competitive price. And it has established a standard: we expect quick deliveries and the possibility of returns also from other e-commerce sites.

But he did even more: he entered our homes. Not only with the (many) Amazon branded products, but with smart speakers . The Echo range in fact includes several voice-controlled devices. The Alexa voice assistant answers our questions, allows us to update the shopping list, set timers and alarms.

Echo devices
Some Echo devices, Amazon’s smart speakers. Source: iphoneitalia

These are functions that many new generation devices have. The difference lies in the fact that these speakers are connected directly to our Amazon account: they are, in fact, a direct connection with e-commerce. In addition to giving the possibility to purchase products with our voice, Echo also plays music from Amazon Music , and in the screen version also films from Amazon Prime Video, as well as offering services linked to the Amazon world.

It is, in fact, like having a small Amazon representative in our living room, constantly reminding us what the e-commerce giant can offer us and how much we may need it.

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