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How to find your passion: 10 surefire ways


Passions are oxygen for life. Often taken by the frenzy of everyday life, we ​​forget how beautiful and necessary it is to stimulate, cultivate and follow them. Doing something we enjoy is rewarding and relaxing at the same time. One could say that they serve to recharge the mind. But we are only sometimes clear about what they are. So let’s try understanding how to find your passion in 10 foolproof ways.

1 — Develop an aptitude for the new

Knowing how life can be decidedly monotonous in the absence of passion, don’t be afraid to try and try again. Always experiment with something, whether it’s a hobby, a new project or a different way of dressing.

Each individual has particular mental predispositions towards something, only that he is unaware of it. If you want to find your passion, develop an aptitude for the new. Sooner or later, trying and trying again, this passion will surface, and from these attempts, you will have obtained a further benefit: an enriched cultural background.

2 — Take it one step at a time

As you try and try again, don’t forget to take it one step at a time. Every day a small gesture brings you closer to the finish line. Any journey requires a first step to get to your destination.

3 — Understand what your strengths are

Knowledge and awareness: two words of inestimable value. Understanding your strengths is one of the first steps in finding your passions. Start by making a written and detailed list divided into categories. Finally, talk to a family member or a good friend who can possibly confirm what you have identified. Besides, some encouragement certainly won’t hurt you.

4 — Keep profiles and resumes updated

Don’t think having a passion or hobby can only benefit you emotionally. You may even have the opportunity to find a new jobFrom one moment to the next, an opportunity or an opportunity of interest to you could present you because perhaps a particular employer is looking for a figure with certain characteristics, which could be yours.

This shows how keeping the Linkedin profile updated periodically and constantly can prove to be a winning strategy. Add all your new experiences — they are a treasure.

5 — Learn to listen

Knowing how to listen even before speaking is an attitude that should be developed regardless of the pursuit of passions. You are not the only one who is following a path. Just like you, others are trying, trying and experimenting. As a result, they have a lot to tell you. Learn to listen to others because you may receive important tips. In short, other people could inspire you.

6 — Read a lot

As you can easily imagine, many ways to find your passions are good rules of conduct and life. Among these is reading continuously. Besides the obvious benefit of exercising your brain, reading enriches you.

Whether it’s a biography of some “successful” character or a personal training book, it doesn’t matter. Any reading will enrich your baggage and can help you in your research. Tip: go to a bookstore and let yourself be guided. Flip through a few books and head where your interest seems to stop. It could be your passion.

7 — Have as many experiences as possible

One thing is certain: staying on the sofa, you won’t have any experience other than zapping with the television remote control. Go out and experience the world. The experiences that you will be able to collect will compose your cultural background and will increase the chances that you will find your passions. There are situations where the path is the reverse: try and try again to discard what you don’t like to do.

8 — Travel

If you have the financial means, travel. Confronting yourself with other cultural realities or more simply with the mentalities of other countries can only do you good and enrich you. New lifestyles, new businesses, new experiences to tell. All of this is a valuable asset that will open your mind.

9 — Do not give too much importance to the sense of belonging

Every individual needs to belong to something. But don’t exaggerate in attributing importance to them, in wanting at all costs to indulge in the wishes of others to be like them. Think about yourself and what can make you truly happy.

10 — Identify a focus and do not deviate from it

The moment you have identified your passion that is the thing that fuels your life itself, set a goal and keep going until you have achieved it. Only then continue with another one. Don’t get distracted from your path, keep focus on the situation and don’t deviate from it. Last tip? Live with passion.

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