How to Poach Eggs For Beginners

poached egg

poached egg

Egg poaching takes practice because you want to gently simmer and not boil, but with these easy steps you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

  1. Use a non-stick skillet and bring about two inches of water to a boil. Next add some vinegar. This keeps the whites from spreading too thin and it also adds some seasoning.
  2. Then reduce to a simmer: gets some small bowls ready for your eggs, this way the eggs will keep their shape and you’ll be able to cook them all at the same time. Crack them carefully and check for bits of shell.
  3. Slip the eggs into the water clockwise so you know which ones are done first. Cover with a lid and turn off the heat. The key to poaching is a gentle heat which will give your eggs a firm white and a loose yolk.
  4. I just 4 minutes you’ll have delicious delicate poached eggs. All that’s left to do is scoop it out, drain and enjoy

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