I’m MISANTHROPE: why do I hate everyone?


The term MISANTHROPE derives from the Greek mīsanthrōpos, from misos hatred + anthropos man, and is used to identify a person who hates or distrusts other people or humanity in general. He tends to have attitudes of superiority and a lack of empathy towards others.

Generally, the behaviours of the misanthrope derive from a past characterized by disappointing life experiences, betrayals by people he was very close to, complicated family situations, and traumatic events. All this has contributed to forming a dissociative personality tending towards antisociality over time.

In fact, for the misanthrope, social life does not bring any benefits, and, in any case, the negative aspects of dating far outweigh the positive ones. Therefore he generally tends to live in a state of isolation, judging human beings as traitors, profiteers, hypocrites, and incompetent.

This condition, often associated with a depressive state, generates a lot of discomfort as those who tend to denigrate everything and everyone around them experience a strong sense of loneliness and incomprehension, as well as having the propensity to focus mainly on the negative aspects of the people around them, consequently living in a climate of profound distrust and negativity.

This affects every aspect of the misanthrope’s life, especially the professional, relational, and social ones. This is why often those who recognize themselves in these attitudes, in the long run, look for a way out of negativity.

Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world.

We always interpret the outside world according to how we feel; consequently, if we feel sad, depressed, or disheartened, we will tend to see only the negative aspects of the outside world.

If misanthropy derives from a strong trauma from the past or if in any way it causes suffering in your life, if you experience a state of dissatisfaction or depressionhatredanger, or negative feelings towards others, if you isolate yourself from the rest of world, it is advisable to undertake a psychological journey to elaborate the reasons for the discomfort, reduce the symptoms and finally find serenity.

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