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Increase Visits to your LinkedIn Profile: 11 Tips

If you are a freelancer or a company that sells B2B services, LinkedIn can be your ace in the hole and increasing visits to your LinkedIn profile is the starting point.Let’s see some tricks to make your LinkedIn profile effective and increase visits.NB in ​​this article I am referring to LinkedIn personal profiles, 
if you want to find out more about LinkedIn Company Pages I have written this guide about it .1. Optimize your profile to receive more connection requests on LinkedinDo you think your LinkedIn profile is optimized? If you don’t receive connection requests every day from users you don’t know, you’re probably wrong. So, before you start publishing content or looking for interesting connections on Linkedin, you absolutely need to optimize your LinkedIn profile.This point has a twofold importance. Optimizing your SEO profile will allow you to be found with respect to the keywords that interest you (imagine if every person who searches for the keyword referring to your profession on Linkedin found you on the first page!) Using the right keywords in your profile is the difference between being found and being invisible.Identify the words you want to be found for when people use LinkedIn search and use these keywords in your title, summary and profile.Using the right keywords will expose you to more potential connections and opportunities.The other aspect is more psychological. A profile curated and configured according to a precise scheme allows you to convert the user who is visiting it. Here are two quick and easy areas you need to check are properly updated before you think about increasing your LinkedIn profile visits:Tagline : You need to capture attention in 150 characters.You can use your title to highlight your current position and company (for example, “CEO at XXX Corporation”), but if you’re a freelancer I recommend filling out your tagline differently. Remember to highlight your experience (e.g., “Facebook Ads Specialist” or “Content Marketing Strategist”) or showcase the skills you want to show in searches (e.g., “Trainer, Author, Consultant, Speaker”). Try to explain who you are, what you do, and why you are someone they should connect with.

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CTA (Call-to-action) These are the buttons that you can insert immediately below the summary. Here are some ideas on how to best use them:Book a callDownload a guide Visit my website As you can see, in all three cases listed above, we are trying to move traffic from Linkedin to other platforms to obtain an email or a more direct contact. Below you will find an explanatory image:LinkedIn Profile Closeup2. Use professional photos LinkedIn profiles with a professional image are 11 times more likely to be viewed. Here are some tips:Use a recent photoUse a half-length photo or a close-up that allows you to be easily recognisableTry to use the same photo on all your social networksBe professional but stay true to yourself and don’t shortchange yourself If you want to find out how to learn how to photograph correctly (you will also need it for the content you are going to publish), I recommend you follow Modern Photography !3. Use the cover photo within your strategy Does your LinkedIn profile reflect who you are and what you do? Use the cover image to give your visitor further confirmation of your professionalism or your company reality. LinkedIn recommends users use an image (PNG, JPG, or GIF) with a resolution of 1400×425.4. Engage users with your summary Increasing visits to your LinkedIn profile is only the first step.Once the user is on your LinkedIn profile, the summary is where you really sell yourself to potential connections. Your summary should expand on what appears in the title, highlighting your specialties, experience, noteworthy accomplishments, and characteristics that make you unique, always keeping in mind to address your interlocutor with a clear mind. how do you solve his problem or how can you help him. Focus on the most relevant details about your career and make sure it’s easy to read.5. Customize your LinkedIn profile URLYou need to customize your LinkedIn profile URL.For example, my custom URL is .You can do it too by clicking HERE and then on the pencil at the top right.6. Reread everything you write carefully, LinkedIn is not Facebook!Bad grammar, typos, and spelling mistakes don’t make a good impression.Avoid.7. Sort your skills correctlyDon’t lie about your skills, enter the ones you think you really possess and pin the 3 most important to you at the top (by clicking on the pin symbol).They will be the 3 that, when you use more advanced techniques, other users will confirm.8. Fill in all the sections correctly to increase visits to your LinkedIn profileYou must fill out your entire profile and all the sections that LinkedIn makes available to you.All of these sections give you more opportunities to make new connections.Take half an hour, fill them out correctly and make the most of these sections. Don’t skip this step. 9. Send 10 connection requests every dayIf you have filled out your profile correctly, you are now ready to connect with new professionals. One of the biggest mistakes people make on Linkedin is not connecting with new prospects on a daily basis. You must imagine LinkedIn as an important meeting where you can leave your business card, start a conversation or talk to your Ideal Customers. Building your LinkedIn network has many benefits. It puts you in front of decision makers. More and more people view your content, see it and visit your website.It’s the easiest way to use LinkedIn to find customers.It allows you to work on your personal branding and demonstrate your professionalism. Do you want to find out how to SEO optimize your LinkedIn profile and take advantage of LinkedIn Automation to get in touch with dozens of potential customers every day?I recorded a complete LinkedIn course, it’s called LinkedIn Advanced and you can find it here!LinkedIn course10. Customize your connection requests”I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.”This is the phrase used by Linkedin by default, boring and without any customization. As we said before, we are on Linkedin to find new valuable connections, so why not use this introductory phrase to present ourselves at our best and increase visits to our LinkedIn profile? When you invite someone to connect with you, always remember to click “add a note” and personalize the message – mention where you met or something you have in common.Adding a note increases the chance of your connection request being accepted by up to 40%!11. Publish consistently, otherwise LinkedIn is useless.To ensure that visits to your LinkedIn profile are constant throughout the month , it is important that you start publishing content consistently.One thing to take into consideration, FUNDAMENTAL to ensure that your content obtains good results in terms of views and interaction and is useful for your personal branding and your social selling operations, is that the content you publish is of value .No, no viral videos of kittens, memes, etc. LinkedIn is a platform where we look for professional, quality content useful to our business.Now I want to give you some advice on what NOT to do: – YOU DON’T NEED TO PUBLISHDo you have something interesting to say? Say it! Don’t be shy, try to write in an engaging way and click “publish”! – DO NOT POST TOO OFTENIf your content from previous days is still getting reach, don’t post new content! Give LinkedIn time to roll it out!This is the mistake I see made most often, don’t rush, give yourself at least 48 hours to see how your content is performing.– PUBLISH FOR OTHERS, NOT FOR YOURSELFI often see posts from users who, eager to “establish themselves”, publish posts on their profile every day.There is a distinction to be made here:1) you are a content creator, you produce quality content daily. I’m not addressing you.2) you are not a content creator, maybe you have another job, you have to do delivery for some customers, you have 10 minutes a day and just to write something…. Write trivialities.Here, I’m addressing you. Do not do it.Take those 10 minutes a day, cram them into an hour and write content that stands out to you and yes, only post 1 (quality) piece of content per week.Start like this.But don’t forget to also share your daily life, important work appointments and content that can have a useful impact on your audience.Well, that’s all for this article, I hope it was useful for you to start your adventure with LinkedIn!

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