Making money with online marketing: beware of fake gurus and fluff courses

If you are looking for information or courses on how to earn money on the internet , selling on Amazon or dropshipping, you cannot help but come across the many Italian web marketing gurus of the moment.

Different (or almost) different styles, almost similar contents and only one common denominator: showing off wealth !

They advertise on social media by recounting their successes, showing earnings and lives lived in the most unbridled luxury, embellishing everything with a storytelling made of redemption from failures and dramatic situations from which they have emerged stronger than before.

They show, initially, their most human and weak side in such a way as to empathically approach the target audience, almost as if to say: if I did it, you can do it too! Not only that, they also seem willing to help you and give you all the information you need to achieve fame and wealth.

You understood correctly, these benefactors of the masses are willing to sell you their knowledge, experience and techniques to make you make money online .

In short, the “local” Gurus have discovered the secret to earning quickly , and can’t wait to communicate to the world all the tricks of the trade by asking for “only” a few thousand euros in exchange.

Fortunately, the phenomenon of marketing ” Fuffa Gurus ” immediately caught the eye of some investigative experts, who through investigative work – not even too sophisticated – are unmasking their most inaccessible trick: pretending to be stars of online business.

Who are the false gurus and how can they be recognized? Why stay away from him? And who should you follow to learn how to earn online or sell on the internet? Let’s try to clarify this in this guide.

Fuffa Marketing guru: who I am

fake web marketing gurus

The controversy over the alleged fake Instagram guru Mirko Scarcella , disavowed by Le Iene, is only the latest case. The internet is full of self-styled marketing geniuses: people who sell themselves as experts in online business , branding, social media and anything else that allows them to make money online.

The identikit of the fluff guru is a young or very young person. In some cases he boasts training in prestigious schools, experience in America or abroad, in other cases, he is simply one of the many who have read a successful course by some American marketer and tried to replicate it and translate it into Italian.

Nothing can be confirmed or denied, but these experts certainly know how to handle technical terms, English and good looks. Someone is playing on your ignorance , making you feel like a marketing baboon and therefore really in need of a teacher to follow (that is, him).

Where do these online money gurus come from ?

Many people today wonder how to earn a lot and quickly, and these self-styled gurus satisfy them by giving them a simple formula (which rarely talks about hard work, patience, training, risk of failure and talent of the entrepreneur), in a few words they have found the way to fill and a profitable niche in the market by launching a very profitable business.

Luxury, success and expensive marketing courses

One thing that false online earning gurus have in common is the display of wealth . Luxury clothes, Rolex on the wrist, star poses on Ferraris and Lamborghinis, private jet and residence strictly in luxury cities (almost always Dubai). All strong motivational levers , which arouse in those looking for online jobs to earn from home a desire to follow them and become like them.

The fake gurus work in the online sales and consultancy sector, but in parallel to their core business they also provide web marketing courses . Someone is just 20-25 years old, but already has the secrets to earning 100,000 euros a day and, as we said before, is dying to share them with the rest of the world.

They are generous people, after all, even if their money-making tricks cost a lot: we are talking about online courses ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 euros , not exactly cheap prices.

Courses to earn money online: what fake gurus offer

The information products of fake gurus often follow the trend of the moment. In the past, the fashion online business was Amazon FBA , selling through the Amazon logistics service, to ship the goods and assist the customer without worries.

Since Amazon FBA has shown some barriers to entry the focus has shifted to dropshipping courses . Using this technique, it is sufficient to create an online e-commerce site (usually using the Shopify platform ) and choose a product to sell online.

You don’t need to have it : once the orders have been received you will contact the supplier, who will take care of shipping the goods to the customer. In short, dropshipping is apparently so simple that it pushes many rubbish gurus to create marketing courses to sell for a price in gold .

The interesting thing is that their online money making courses might work . The selling tips that fake gurus give out are also sensible, after all, and can help those who want to open a business from scratch in dropshipping sales. But then: where does the problem really lie?

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