Matsutake mushrooms

Matsutake mushrooms

Here we are back in jaopan again, I promise we are not going to talk about fruit of any kind but rather mashrooms. This particular mushroom are actually very easy to pinpoint in terms of why they’re so expensive.


Some insight into matsutake mushrooms

First and foremost they’re a delicacy in Japan as important a lot of people want them. The problem with this though is that matsutake mushrooms have a habitat to grow that is honestly rather small and it’s continuing to shrink all the time. So as such you can’t get as many of them and that drives the price way up.

What may be a bit surprising though is that despite their rarity now, they’ve been enjoyed in Japan for over a thousand years. Some even calling it a potent symbol of the culture, showing just how much that this particular mushroom means to the Japanese people.

How mush matsutake mushroom cost?

As for the price, well, a single pound of these mushrooms can cost you nearly 300 dollars. They are harvested once in a year from September to November. in 2021, the season’s first matsutake were auctioned offfor $7,600

Even though 2022 was a big harvest, the long-term trend is in decline. in 1953, Japan harvested around 6,400 metric tons of matsutake. But in 2019, it harvested only 14 metric tons.

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