The happiest cities in Italy and in the world: the 2023 ranking

The other happiest cities in EuropeThere is not only Scandinavia in the Gold band of the Happy City Index 2023 : among the happiest cities in the world are the Swiss Geneva and Zurich, Amsterdam and London (in the photo). Great Britain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and Finland are the only European countries that can boast a capital in the Gold band. However, Europe deserves an honorable mention: the city of Aarhus, in Denmark , is the one that obtains the highest score among the over one thousand cities evaluated according to 24 parameters in 5 study areas (Citizenship, Governance, Environment, Economy and Mobility).

The Institute for Quality of Life and Happy City Hub has just published the Happy City Index 2023 , the study that identifies the 200 happiest cities in the world every year . There is no city that can be considered “the happiest in the world” in absolute terms, explains the institute: through objective and verifiable criteria, the researchers have therefore identified a small group of cities that can reasonably be considered the happiest on the planet in based on the quality of life and expectations of its inhabitants.

The top positions in the ranking are therefore in no particular order: the small group of “Golden Cities”, the happiest cities in the world , numbers 23 cities this year.

The list continues with Silver cities – which includes positions 24 to 100 – and with Bronze awards , awarded to cities ranked between 101st and 200th. The only Italian cities that are among the 200 happiest in the world are Milan, Bologna and Rome, and they are all in the Bronze happiness band.

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