What is Pyura Chilensis?

Pyura chilensis

Pyura chilensis on a plate
SEAFOOD PIURE. Chilean and peruvian seafood piure pyura chilensis. Piure in the rock on black plate. Top view.

What is it?

Pyura Chilensis is one of the most expensive sea creature in the world found in the waters of both Chile and Peru in South America. In Chile this food is fisched on a regular bases and local eat it raw or even cooked with salad and rice. It is a non-moving entity as well as a filter feeder.

Its characteristics

They wear thick tunics that are made of a hearty matrix of molecules that help the animal to attach itself to an hard surface. Under that tunic are layers of musseles and other interior itemsa and then under all of that is the animal itself.

How does it taste?

It’s taste is like sea urchin though less delicate in flavour and its flash has a metallic taste that reflects its contents that being iron Titanium and shockingly high levels of the rare element vanadium and element that no one really knows why is found in the creature to begin with

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