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What is equality of opportunity?

equality of opportunity

So imagine first of all that there is two kinds of equality you might pursue: one would be equality of opportunity. That would mean that you know there is a wide range of talent across people regardless of their type, whatever that might be: sex, gender, race or ethnicity. There is talent distributed everywhere and it’s kind of a truism of the West in the deepest sense that each of the individuals within those groups should be put in a position where their talents are encouraged to manifest those talents.

Cultivating talent

It would be good for them spiritually and psychologically but also because that would be of obvious benefit to the community. I mean talent is rare, which people don’t understand, there’s lots of different kinds of talent but in each domain it’s rare so it’s to everyone benefit to exploit talented people to the maximum possible degree; so even if you are just selfish you want to push for equality of opportunity because the more talented people there are out there the more cool stuff you get to have.

The Scandinavian policies

You can pursue equality of opportunity policies and the Scandinavians have done that especially trying to knock down barriers for women in the workplace and by all accounts by all standard theories the Scandinavian countries and places like the Netherlands or Canada, to a slightly lesser degree, have gone farther than any other countries in pursuing those policies

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