When we no longer care about anything


When we no longer care about anything, we watch life go by without feeling any pleasure or joy. We trudge around unmotivated, heads down and apathetic. However, it is always possible to opt for a radical change: a journey of self-discovery.

When we don’t care about anything anymore… we seem to think about nothing and think about everything. But in the end, what does it mean to think of nothing? And what does it mean to think of everything? What does it mean that everything has ceased to interest us? The concept is so vast that we can’t even find the right words, right? If we ask someone: “What does everything mean?” they would probably answer: “Well, I don’t know, everything”.

It often happens that you find yourself at a point in your life not knowing which direction to take. It is common to find ourselves immersed in a state where everything no longer matters to us. What we used to like, now we don’t like anymore. What used to amuse us now bores us. What happened? Why did things stop giving us pleasure?

When we no longer care about anything, an inner emptiness enters the soul, absorbing every ounce of happiness. Why?

When we no longer care about anything

What does it mean to be indifferent to everything? Or rather, what does it entail? We often sit on the sofa, watching our lives go by like a movie. We drag ourselves from the living room to the bathroom and from the bathroom to the living room. We go out shopping and cook so that we don’t starve. We carry out our daily activities almost by inertia, automatically. What is this lack of will due to? This unhappiness that surrounds us embraces us and gradually tightens us more and more.

Our plans fall apart: friendships, finances, work, life… We scan the horizon for a light that gives us hope but which we can’t seem to find. Who extinguished the last ray of happiness? Who turned off the last lighthouse? We don’t quite know what’s happening, but our life seems to collapse without stopping it. Perhaps it is in silence that we can begin to find the answers.

In those moments, we don’t care if it rains, if it’s sunny, if a hurricane blows away our house or if someone lectures us. Our answer will certainly be something like: “ok, fine”, to fall back into our world immediately.

The attachment to matter and spirit hits rock bottom. Apathy invades our lives, and our reaction to pleasant stimuli almost disappears: anhedonia enters our lives.

What to do “when nothing matters to us anymore”?

Getting lost in the middle of the sea without seeing a flash of light illuminating the coast can be distressing. However, all is not lost. When we no longer care about anything, often, we don’t even feel like asking for professional help, “for what? If there is no remedy”, we think. But that’s not the case; we have more choices than we think.

Throughout a person’s life, the mind acquires a long series of thought patterns. These thoughts make us believe that existence is made a certain way. However, in the same way, we think the reality is black; we can also see it as white, blue, red and rainbow. Because there is no unique colour for existence, they are all valid, and the best thing to do is not to adopt just one point of view.

We need to be corrected if we think it is about adhering to and sticking to an ideology. Life is far too colourful to decide to take sides only on one side. In this way, we would only end up limiting ourselves.

At this point, it’s time to start thinking that our catastrophic vision of the world is nothing but our vision and a learned belief. And what does all this imply? We can unlearn or, if necessary, learn a new way to change our relationship with the world, with others and ourselves.

Tune in to your inner self.

When we don’t care about anything anymore… it’s time to ask ourselves if we’re leading the life we ​​want. Therefore, let’s sit down, reflect and think about what we want, what can motivate us, what moves us. It could take hours, days, weeks, months.

Tuning into our inner self through introspection can help us remove all the conditioning that prevents us from getting in touch with our most authentic motivations.

Awareness is a powerful tool that can help us discover a part of ourselves that we were completely unaware ofThrough introspection, we can leave behind the voices of people telling us how we should be or what we should do. When we overcome these limitations, we discover the light that shines within us without any distortion. We understand, at that point, how limited we were by external demands.

As His Holiness the Dalai Lama states: “Our conscious mind is linked to objects, feelings or sensations. In this sense, it is very difficult to glimpse the true nature of consciousness, which corresponds to the pure state of knowledge or total luminosity of the mind”.

In this sense, the Dalai Lama suggests: “One of the techniques that can be used to learn how to reach this state is meditation. With it we free the mind from thoughts of past experiences and any form of anticipation of the future, to dwell in the present moment”.

When we care about everything

When we tune into our truest nature, we begin to see the world in other colours. A simple tree leaf appears to us as a fascinating creation of nature. We focus our attention on breathing, and we contact our complex body, which is full of elements: muscles, bones, arteries, neurons, etc.

Through meditation, we discover that the world is much more interesting than we thought. We are fascinated by the simple flapping of a bird’s wings. What is behind the flight of a bird?

As Zen Buddhist master Thich Nhat Hanh says: “Inner silence is essential to be able to hear and respond to the call of beauty. If there is no silence within us — if our mind, our body, are invaded by noise — we do not hear the call of beauty”. The master adds: “Our mind is full of noise, that’s why we can’t hear the call of life, the call of love. Our heart calls us, but we don’t hear it. We don’t have time to listen to him.”

Gradually, we begin to appreciate the small details of life that previously seemed insignificant to us. And this is how we also begin to understand what motivates us. Self-realization becomes an important factor.

We will understand that being good people, dedicating ourselves to others and not hurting anyone are profound values ​​that we want to make our own. And life will take a completely different turn. Therefore, don’t forget when we no longer care about anything, it’s time to move because, in reality, everything changes.

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