Why does the iPhone cable always break?

broken iphone cable

cavo iPhone rotto

It has happened to all of us. It’s something that happens sooner or later. The lightning cable of our iPhone or iPad breaks. And always to an extreme. Is it not true? A big blame for the proliferation of non-genuine Apple accessories is the low quality of this cable. A few days after knowing the date of the next Apple keynote in which they will present a thousand and one new products, have they forgotten about the cable again?

Since the first generation of the iPhone, the charging cable has gone wrong. Bad quality and lousy resistance. It is clear that when it comes to storing our cables, we don’t always do it in the best way. They are cables that suffer daily. We use them every day and sometimes more than once. And then we roll them up a thousand and one ways. Is that an excuse enough?

Will there be improvements to the Lightning cable with the iPhone 7?

Considering the price of an iPhone, the most straightforward and helpful accessory falls short. And it never was. The net has countless formulas and tricks so the cable does not break. Reinforce the end with electrical tape, and insert the pen spring to give it more flexibility… The guys from Cupertino should be ashamed of it. We have always defended that using non-original accessories may damage our devices. And that having made a significant investment in a quality smartphone, we are not buying “Chinese” accessories.

But the short duration of lightning and its predecessors promotes a wide sale of non-original products. As with all Apple products, the cable isn’t cheap either. The typical lightning bolt in the iPhone box costs around 20 euros and measures one metre. There are also two meters for around 25 euros. While it may not sound expensive, when you buy a couple a year, it already feels like it. And even more so, knowing what an original costs, we can buy twenty non-original ones. But you must know that there are different levels for aftermarket accessories.


cavo lampo non originale

Therefore, when you buy a charger other than Apple, we can advise you not to buy the cheapest one. Or at least this satisfies a minimum of quality. Note that the cheaper it is, the worse the material will be. And besides being cheap, we’d like it to at least charge the device. But it can happen that it doesn’t charge, loads poorly and even lets our smartphone “charge”.

Post to buy non-genuine accessories, don’t buy the cheapest.

Nothing new sounds in the maelstrom of rumours and news that haunt us as we approach Keynote. We want everything in the iPhone 7: the best camera, a better processor, more memory, and more power. But we can’t forget the poor cable again. Lightning is still forgotten. And improvement after improvement, the iPhone lives on as best it can. However, we can say something positive in favour of Apple.

As long as the phone is under warranty, they automatically replace the cable. But is that enough?. We believe not. In 2009, a lawsuit was filed against Apple in the United States over the cables. It was brought in this case by MacBook chargers. In that lawsuit, it was argued that they were dangerous, and Apple was accused of knowing it and not having stopped producing them. Finally, an out-of-court settlement was reached to replace or give money back for the damaged magazines.

In no case did Apple admit to making mistakes in its manufacture. Or that the product they were selling was defective. We are currently not aware of any new complaints about the lightning connector. But we do not exclude that sooner or later, it will happen. Let’s not lose hope with the next Apple keynote just days away. Hopefully, someone in Cupertino has thought of this, and they surprise us with a connector that lives up to the mark.

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