Why is Fugu fish (puffer fish) so expensive?

fugu fish

If you don’t know the name of fugu fish you might recognise it by its other name being the puffer fish. Yes, that puffer fish, you know the one that has the “deadliest toxins ever in its body”.

fugu fish

Fugu fish can be dangerous

While the idea of eating a poisonous fish is something that most people don’t even dare to do, the Japanese don’t really seem to care, because they know better. Mostly if you do things the right way you can eat the meat of the fish without getting poisoned.

The catch is that you have to be very precise with how to cut it up and only approved chefs can actually do it. In fact the chefs in Japan have to go through rather rigorous training in order to be granted the opportunity to even serve the fish.

The toxin in the fugu fish

But why? Well, because the toxin within the fish is known as tetrodotoxin an it is literally seeped within the body, so if you don’t remove every part that is touched by this poison you could be killed or kill the person that’s eating it.

The Fugu fish toxin is even more powerful than cyanide but yet, despite all of that and those facts, Japanese people will consume up to 10,000 tons of this fish every single year, because the Japanese can be a bit “crazy”.

Why is it so expensive?

The reason why the price is so high is due to the catching of the fish while certain species of it are endangered. What’s more, they can’t technically be sold out of Japan. Doing so in more shady or nefarious manners will end up costing you as well. You are better off buying a ticket to Japan and savour it safely with a cup glass of sake.

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