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Why You Should Delete Social Media

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Quit Social Media

It’s a gorgeous day you are walking outside or you are at a friend’s house having a good time and you stop. There is a perfect picture scene in front of you like a beautiful bird or a colourful flower or your niece taking the first steps reminding you an earlier time in your life. What do you do? rather than treasure them we want to take out our phone and share it on Social Media.

We we’ll cover 5 reasons why you should delete social media, how to do it and the amazing perks this can bring to your life. As all addiction it will take effort but it is possible to achieve.

1. Mental Health

Social Media give you the perception of connection and this is so harmful for your ability to peer bond in real life when you do not have a screen in front of you. It brings individuals to share only the positive or faking a dream lifestyle giving inferiority complex to other users. A constant bragging of material things and pool of consumarism. Do you think Mark Zuckerberg, the founder, use it’s own creation? NO! Make up your mind! Here explained in this article “Never get high on your own supply”

2. Privacy

Every major social media company is profiting over your data and more info you give the more you are giving out your value as users for what? Few cat videos? The fact this products are so appealing is that they look “free to use”. At the end of the day is up to you to evaluate this tradeoff.

3. Influence

Social media has enabled central entities like governments to influence your opinions and your world view! From the woke generation pushed by a left wind propaganda to modern and toxic Feminism to influencing political election. Racism and terrorism propagandas and more!

4. Control

We used to take a picture and print it immediately or go and develop it now everything is in the cloud or stored in servers in mega data centres in some deserts where electricity is cheap or such. Moreover you reveal who is your partner, your friends, your family; literally this is the main tool house robbers use to understand your movements and your routine.

5. True Connections

The biggest misconception of Social Media is that you NEED it if you want to be in touch with your friends. Reality is that if your friends are REAL friend they will always find a way to spend time with you even if you quit social media. Moreover you rarely meet someone on social media the first time rather you meet them in real person and then you exchange socials. You may have thousands of friends on Facebook but the reality is that you can only give as much as 10 friends the needed time to keep a friendship alive.


Deleting your social media filters your TRUE friends from your FAKE friends. Just send them a message you are deleting your social media and you’ll be available only at your number and see what happens.

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