Work and happiness: here are the 10 best jobs in the world

If you have ever compared the job you wanted to do when you grew up with the one you found, know that there is someone who managed to make their dream come true.

Is there anyone who still remembers what job they thought they would do when they grew up?

Unfortunately, many of us did not become astronauts, firefighters or rock stars , but ended up in very different careers than we dreamed of as children . However, this was not the case for everyone…

In fact, someone has managed to find dream jobs that most people can’t even imagine. To help everyone refresh their dreams and hopes, here are the 10 best jobs in the world .10

Pet psychic (income: up to $300 for home visits)

It is a profession that requires a deep connection with animals, best if accompanied with veterinary qualifications. This type of psychic ( Pet Psychic ) ​​comes into contact with pets to understand their emotions and detect pain or discomfort.9

Energy Healer (income: up to $100 per hour)

Among the most beautiful jobs in the world there is also the energy healer . Energy healing is a type of holistic medicine in which the practitioner explores the patient’s energy field and repairs areas that are blocked to relieve pain. Although this practice is not proven by science, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence that it is an effective way to manage pain.8

Professional dorm (annual salary: approximately $15,000)

Getting paid to sleep may seem like a dream, but in the case of professional dorms it’s reality. They work in sleep research centers and allow researchers to study and evaluate sleep and dream patterns.7

Chocolatier (annual salary: approximately $32,000)

Expert or qualified in baking and pastry making, the chocolatier is a creative person specialized in delicious combinations of chocolate, sweets and fruit. He spends long hours on his feet, working to produce chocolates to distribute in stores or sell online .6

Crossword writer (income: about $200 per crossword)

It takes at least a week to do a good crossword puzzle so it’s difficult to make a living from this activity. However, it is a good way to make money and have the satisfaction of seeing your work published in some important newspaper.5

Ice cream taster (annual salary: $60,000)

For this profession it is essential to have healthy taste buds and a refined palate. Also, a bachelor’s degree in food science is a plus. Master tasters do not eat spicy foods for 24 hours before sampling.4

Photographer for National Geographic (income: $500 per day plus travel expenses)

For those who eat, sleep and breathe photography, working as a freelancer for National Geographic is an option. Of course, you need solid experience and a love for difficult and even dangerous journeys. The prestigious magazine’s travel assignments range from a few days to a few weeks.3

Adventure Blogger (annual earnings: up to $100,000)

Being an adventure blogger means going on an adventure, writing everything about the experience. Dangerous travel, hiking, low budget travel and so on. These bloggers earn money from advertising, affiliations, brand sponsorships, influencer marketing , etc. etc. However, earnings are neither certain nor predictable.2

Video Game Player (income: up to $5,000 per month, excluding prizes)

Playing video games usually costs money. But those who manage to make it an obsession can earn a lot. Some gamers earn money by streaming for subscribers on Twitch , while others are sponsored by video game companies .1

Creative for Walt Disney (annual salary: $89,000)

At the top of the list of the best jobs is the creative for Walt Disney . This is a job on the team responsible for designing and building everything you see in a Disney park , in hotels or on a Walt Disney Company cruise ship . There are numerous creative positions available, but they all require a passion for all things Disney .

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